Doing Matches at 6 AM on X-box Live

can really hurt a guy’s ego. I normally do quite well as Hakan, but at 6 AM, the only people who are playing are way above me in skill. Besides the embarrassment, they’re actually really ideal. There’s a lot of unsafe stuff that I do that I never realize is unsafe because it goes unpunished. But playing against someone of a higher skill level lets you know when you’ve done something unsafe.


I have a personal rule: Don’t play online after 1 AM. It’s nothing but misery and woe. Doing fight request last night, I had matches against 2 15,000+ point Ryus and a 16,000 point Vega. Made me want to kill myself.

how else are u gonna get better?

Yeah, I enjoy the punishment because it lets me know what I’m doing wrong.Unfortunately, I’m apparently doing a lot of things wrong.

On the flip side of that, I play to have fun. I only get to play maybe two hours (if that) a day, and I don’t want to spend the entire time getting pummeled.

Why? I am of the mindset that you don’t get better from getting plastered to the wall. In a game that is purely about mental sharpness (as to quote Abel, street fighting is about analysis, prediction and reaction, nothing more), I find that getting a winning streak going helps me focus because I actively think less about the mistakes I might or am making. The power of the winning streak and being able to go “that went well” is incredible for lubricating the thought-processes of the brain.

Not to mention, sometimes it just makes one feel better to pound the crap out of a few scrubs before playing against tougher fare.

I actually figured out just why it was so hard at the time… I had moved my 360 to a HDTV, and I didn’t have the TV on “Game Mode”, so there was a bit of a latency issue. Once I swapped back, I wasn’t messing up so much!

My favorite thing about playing Hakan is beating people with 420 or WEED in their name and getting Hakan’s “Smoking’s bad” win quote.

This usually happens after midnight.