Doing my first hitbox


i am about to do my hitbox project after i get done doing my stick for the sgc evnet in dallas. i beginning to take interest of the hitbox and its look like a fun project but need to know the basic guy steps. i already know that i am going to get a art hobby case but need to know if if i should used screw on semtish buttons or sanwa and what kinda wiring technical i can used to make everything look clean and good from the inside.


i been kinda thinking what kind of pcb board i should get for led lights. some say used the sparky board or the reomra rgb pcb board.


You can use whatever buttons you like on the tek-case. Imo Seimitsu screw-ins have the best feel (-p, -g, -k versions), but it’s a personal choice in the end.

For PCB you’ll need a MC-Cthulu or PS360 for the built-in SOCD cleaner functionality, or you can assemble your own SOCD cleaner and wire it up to whatever board you want to use.


for the l.e.d. lights right because i already got a ps360 board.


I was thinking of a similar project. You’d probably want to get transparent buttons obviously. For the left directional buttons you’d probably want to use the 24mm (as opposed to the regular 30mm) sanwa transparent buttons so you can keep them closer together.

Question about the PS360+ and doing a hitbox. Is it as simple as just wiring the 4 directional buttons to the terminals on the PS360+ pcb? Do the 4 directional buttons use a common ground? Sorry for stupid questions.


well, i was thinking of the seimitsu buttons because i like the responds and its easy to put them in.


im about to start the same project got 13 24mm sanwa push in style buttons (all P and K, start, back, left, right, down) Two 30mm (up/jump, home) an SOCD cleaner from godlike controls, going to pad-hack a wwe brawl pad, and got a cerberus for dual mod. The diy case from tek-inovations seems like the cheapest and easiest way to go from what ive seen so i will probably go with that. Does that sound solid or have i forgotten anything or need anything else to do this