Doing SA motions with gouki

I know its no different then with any other character, but shit…i just cant do them constantly from the 1P side…its hella hard for me…it seems like i know when i want to do them, but i just cant do the SA…and it eventually leads to my defeat.
like, when i do akuma’s st mk meaty, then try to link a sa1, i end up doing a dragon or a teleport??? wtf is going on…
im ok when doing them from the 2P side but i cant do one from the 1P side to save my life.:sad:
any advice?:confused:

i think this is a problem every 3s player faces at some point in time altho i think generally its easier for people from the 1p side. of course practice helps blah blah, but if you piano the punches you’ll find the supers coming out way easier. last night i was actually practicing simple old > sa1 because i haven’t been using it in a long time and found i was having trouble doing it(i feel like a noobie all over again), often sending out fireballs or srks. i tried speeding up the motion and that helped but if i piano’d the punches i got it almost everytime. in case you aren’t familiar, i mean hitting jab, then mp, then fp, in quick succession.

Go for a classic tiger knee motion (d,df,f,uf) when you try supers from 1p side :wink:

i know about the piano thing…but it doesnt really seem to help me…i end up doing a teleport…but when i do it with 1 button, it sometimes works.
but im gonna try the tiger knee thingy.

Try it like this bro, :qcf: :mk: :qcf: :lp: !

^thats sexy.
thank u

FC - I didn’t realise you were having that problem doing the super after a standing close mk. If you can do the super any other time, then this one should NOT be a problem. You should, by now, have the speed and reactions, to see the mk hit, then just do the entire super motion - it doesnt have to be incredibly fast. And the mk doesnt have to be meaty either.

The only time doing super motions becomes an issue is during combos, such as xx SA1 or short short xx SA1.

^i know the timing for the st mk, thats not the problem. the problem is doing sa1 on the left side (P1).
i can’t do it.
also, hell murder. i did your mehtod, and i end up doing a cr mk…strange. am i doin it wrong?

Time it better. Act like your just doing a hadoken without the punch at first. Then do a mk. then add on another hadoken this time with a punch. Do it kind of fast but not as fast as that your executing the mk in the first hadoken command that it comes out as cr mk.

You should do it as Harmonaz states which is the best way. This way will get you into the swing of things and help out with hit confirms.