Doing Things Excessively!


Alright, I need alot of help with this. I excessively jump and sweep (but the jump is more of a problem). How can i overcome this problem. It’s really hard for me. I always start my combos with Ibuki after doing any kind of jumping attack. Even when I get punished for it, I never learn my lesson. It’s like the only way for me to score damage.


step 1: Stop jumping alot. Easier said than done. I’ve been playing this game since July 2009 and i still jump more than I should (I play guile so I really don’t need to jump). the only time that you are to jump with Ibuki is when you sjc your moves and when you are laming them out with kunais (which is not a very good strategy).

step 2: Learn your hit confirms. You like to jump in because you wanna get as much damage as possible. Learning Ibuki’s hit confirms like cr. lk > cr. lp > st. lp > st. mk xxx spin kicks will help your offense out. Cross up with command dash too. It is cancellable, so it is nice for mixups.

and step 3: If you jump, make sure that its a cross-up. Most cross-ups are safe from anti-airs, but they are easy to read and should only be done with a vortex or on a rare occasion.


Uh, you should not be doing crossups every time you jump.


which is why I said on a rare occasion.


For things like this, I like to chalk it up to a “master boss pattern”.

The way you’ve been playing has become so habitual that you can’t stop yourself from doing it because it’s the most “natural” way that you’ve learned to get a hit in on your opponent. Once your opponent realizes your “master boss pattern”, they just use it to punish you when they see a familiar move (in your case, jumping and sweeping). You have to train yourself out of those habits by saying “Well, I won’t jump this time.” I’ve had rounds where I’ve literally stopped doing something that I had been doing the entire time because it was getting me destroyed. Seldom times, the opponent will fall into a “Boss pattern” of their own if they become accustomed to punishing you while you were doing a certain pattern of your own (but this is situational on the opponent’s level of skill, though).

Work on other ways of approach. Don’t throw out unsafe moves to approach either (IE: Ibuki’s Neckbreaker from full screen) because that’s just about the same as jumping in for your patternized sweep. Remember that you have Focus Attack, but try to study what you can and can’t focus. All characters have their Focus attack shattering moves, so learn what those are and when the opponent will try to use them. As a starter tip, if you’re using Ibuki (standing full screen) and you jump forward towards the opponent and throw a Kunai, you’re in the wrong. Try not to ever do that unless it’s a vortex opportunity because the kunai can get swatted out of the air and you can get punished, hard.

You shouldn’t have to jump if you don’t want also. Ibuki has quite a few options for getting around fireballs such as her slide and her overhead kick (if timed right). I suggest you get a little more acquainted with her command dash as well. Don’t use the full screen one, but rather the light one to sneak in on your opponent bit by bit and steal ground on the opponent rather than blatantly jumping at them.

Also, like Cee Dizzy stated above (this guy gives really good info), learn your hit confirms, so that when you do get close, you can manage some damage. But be careful not to get careless when you start getting some hits. I would also suggest learning how to retreat “gracefully” (as I call it). Oftentimes people try to skip town and backdash then get punished doing so (for instance if you try to back dash and Cody surges forward with low ruffian kick). But Ibuki has a really good dash, so she can oftentimes escape sticky situations, but know how to “block your way out”.

Hm… well that’s my tid-bit anyway. I’m, by no means, any type of pro or even high amature, but I stay out of trouble sometimes. Besides, I play Ibuki also (sub) so I can kind of feel where you’re coming from.


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Record your own gameplay.


That’s because all you can do is jump or sweep? As for extra jumps, that’s because your sick and tired of following a turtle and jumping will give you more distance in a short time.


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Anyway, just play a lot and concentrate on not jumping. Tell yourself to not jump before every match if you have to. It’s just something that comes with practice.


If you know you’re doing it and you can’t stop yourself then you can’t be helped.


Jumping in is ok as long as:

  1. You don’t do it too much
  2. You NEVER get predictable with it
  3. Your apponent isn’t incredibly good with anti air-ing you (one or two times in the match should be enough to learn your lesson)
  4. You aren’t up against ryu w/ super or ultra…or any character with an anti air to ultra ability (which is alot)!

and crossups can be pretty safe (and actually a pretty good offensive strat.) on apponent’s wake up but the timing is very strict or you’ll eat a reversal if you’re late, or a throw if you’re early

of all of these, number 4 is the most important. Never forget number 4 lol!!!