Dojin/Homebrew Beat em ups, Team poverty represent!?

So Streets of Rage Remake was pretty awesome huh? So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Homebrew beat em ups. Dojin and homebrew games are really good these days. I’m really surprised with the quality and they just seem to be getting better all the time. It’s just like old days when Capcom, Konami and Sega were the kings of Beat em up, anyway.
If you liked SORR you guys should really check out:

Golden Axe Myth (all original sprites)
Mini Review:

Night Slashers X
Mini Review:

Rocket Viper 2
(whoa has street fighter Characters, Alex Maki and Dudley! Alex actually has a powerbomb and most of his other moves also with a few other added tweaks)

Really strange horror themed beat em up has a lot of original artwork. Think of it as Silent hill
and the Ring meets Streets of Rage. Actually a pretty creepy game. (I mean it! Possibly even NSFW
or just plain creepy in front of sensitive friends.)

Mortal Kombat Outworld Assassins
It has fatalities and weapons.

Art of Fighting Remix 3
A really cool KOF themed beat em up with most of the characters specials included besides other
Smaller size download:

Bare Knuckle Vacuum
Streets of Rage Themed beat em up with a very cool feel to it, really different. Lots of really
nice touches. There are 3 versions of this game maybe even 4 and they all play a little
differently. V3 is my favorite.

MixMasters v0.26
Do you want to play a beat em up that has Cable, Silber and BloodRayne, not just the characters
but it actually has a lot of MVC2 moves carried over to the beat em up game. A interesting game,
still in beta stage. Think of it like a Bullet Hell for beat em ups. Caution it will not run well on
older PC’s but still I think it is a really interesting concept.

Sometimes it can be a bit like MAME finding the correct Version for your game. I’ve always found
OpenBOR v3.0 Build 3337 to be the most stable and compatible with most games.

Here is a large Obor file repository if your having difficulty tracking down a specific game: becareful some of them are so
old you might fall of your dinosaur. (when it comes to features) So reading up on them will still
be a better bet than randomly downloading any of them. also has a lot of obor games but they had a forum crash and have lost
a lot of them and are in the process of slowly uploading them again.
A lot of these games run on different platforms PSP, Xbox, Dreamcast etc so if you don’t want to
play it on your PC you don’t have to. The games are also very easy to manipulate if you download
the .pak editing software (pakplode) It’s as easy as manipulating simple text files. The fancier
scripts are a bit more complicated but there is a lot of documentation on
if your interested in creating your own beat em up or manipulating and existing one more
to your liking.

Other OBOR games worth looking up:
TMNT The Wrath of Shredder, Final Fight Gold Champion Edition(Yes that’s a real name), Crime
Buster V2.5, 8man, Return of Double Dragon, Shiva and Lisa 1,2 and 3, A tale of Vengeance.
Balance of Power, War of the Gems and Marvel First Alliance. There are many great games I’m sure
I forgot quite a few.

I like Executioners

I do love me some beat em ups, gonna check this out later. :tup:

I was actually halfway through making an engine for Beat 'Em Ups on GameMaker. Maybe it’s time I restarted work on it again.

Nice thread!

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