Dojo Tournament Assist! UW SF4/HDR Tournament Redirect at the AfroDojo!

In an attempt to support the scene, AfroDojo is coming with the TOURNAMENT ASSIST!!

UW tourney got canceled due to finals and study time. Instead of letting a good tourney day go to waste, the tournament will resume over at the dojo at exactly 5pm. If anyone is willing to attend, please come through

Tournament can still be $10 or $5, players choice.

Location: 1624 216th ave SE Sammamish, WA

SF4 Singles
HDR Singles
T6 (if people want it)

Just like UW event, please bring set ups if you can. See everyone at the Dojo!!!


so who’s all actually going… …

When can we start rolling through?

Can’t make it out to this today. I have to work :sad:

you suck >.> HNIC my ass

yeah, i do.

at least you don’t have to worry about me beating you again.

i honestly dont see a lot of peoples going to this… LOL

coming from the person that managed to beat me, yet still placed dead last.

He left before his loser’s bracket match.

Mike, get your ass to Cole’s! I got training to do!

This angers me even more…

rofl women > sf4 . shit happens hahahahah. I told you id be spending 10 dollars just to send you to losers

Yeah I seen her and you skipping along the mean streets of Seattle…I was stunned.

But fuck you dawg <3

fuck girls…