Dojosports 5v5 marvel results


Hey guys yesterday I played in the 5v5 and we won 13-12. There was a lot of really intense matches. My record was 4-1 and season record 7-3. It was a really hard win because our 5th slot lost his first match and didn’t want to play anymore so we swapped him for another and he lost 2, then swapped one more time and he lost his match too ;_; lol. - archive - Skisonic and Blacktastic where the commentators. It will probably be rebroadcasted a bunch of times.

We won the coin flip so we got to choose rotation which I think is the better option (I don’t think any team has won on the gauntlet side?)

shout-outs to Truking : we played in the set determining match and it was intense :).

Not a lot of people on our team respected BB play-style because they did a lot of top of the screen doom finger lasers but I didn’t mind.

Whats happening with the 5v5 at this point is up in the air. Both GameBreakerz and DangerRoom pulled out because they were down in points and didn’t have to pay till the season was 1/2-2/3 done.

players on DR: that actually played - SRKUW|Darryn, Soup, Wilson, bitq, Caucasian Champ(cam), Kyle P

Playgers on GB: DrDoomKills Huey253 Trace Deezo Shredder

DR offered to pay 1/2 their 500 to the pot but idk if that’s gonna happen. Right now team CanJS is out for the finals unless we can do it Seattle, otherwise we lose 12+hours driving and lose money even if we win going to Oregon.