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I’m looking to buy some new deskart and I’m intrested in a Kaiyodo Cammy Doll, but There is such a huge price discrepancy on ebay that I’m starting to think some are fakes/replicas.

Cammy Street Fighter Zero3 1/6 statue figure black vers - eBay (item 350384212930 end time Aug-23-10 19:04:18 PDT)

STREET FIGHTER Cammy PVC Figure Statue 1/7 PINK NEW - eBay (item 350076731130 end time Aug-24-10 18:26:28 PDT)

Kaiyodo 1/6 Street Fighter Cammy Authentic White Figure - eBay (item 160461486466 end time Aug-26-10 20:18:22 PDT)

Thanks for looking.

Yes beware of the lower priced ones on eBay most if not all are fakes. The white and black ones originally retailed for about $100 each. The blue and pink can be found cheaper because they were released in the US.

well looks like im in a bidding war for the black one then.

also thank you.

Okay cool no problem.

I have all 4 and they are great figures. I may put mine up for auction soon though because I have 2 version of the 18" Sideshow Cammy.

Which colour specifically? Have any pictures?

I have the Black, White, Blue and Pink ones.

Do you still have the original box? PM me with a price.

Yes sir I have boxes for all 4. I will PM you tonight…

Cammy Street Fighter Zero3 1/6 statue figure white vers - eBay (item 160466450948 end time Aug-23-10 19:02:49 PDT)

Well I won that. Hope its real. I asked the seller to take a picture of the holographic sticker, and peel it a tiny bit, to prove if its real.

>:( This is what he just sent me.

Hi, there is no need to as you are the winning bidder of the figure. Thanks for the purchase. I sent you an eBay invoice. Best Regards, Steve.

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So I replied back saying that I would really like the original image in the add so I don’t get hit with a bait and switch.

  1. That’s a hot figure.
  2. If it’s not authentic when you get it, paypal dispute.

edit: I wouldn’t worry much. 3175 + feedbacks, 100% rating.

Dolls have moving parts, figurines don’t…damnit.

Alright now I have that out of the way, pretty much all the figurines shipped from china on e-bay are fakes (common knowledge right). They’re the only ones you should watch out for, I haven’t seen figurine scamming cases on ebay that aren’t from china so far. That cammy is one awesome find though.
Kaiyodo makes top quality stuff and that’s great value for money considering they don’t make it anymore.