Dollar Box Deals!

So, we all know there’s plenty in the Dollar Boxes that nobody will ever buy…those backissues of old Valiant issues, X-O Manowar, and more than enough X-Force comics for anybody’s lifetime.

but you do run across the occasional gem as well…which is why we keep looking in the first place, ain’t it?

so, post some of your best deals here…be serious too…you’re not gonna pull the first appearance of Wolverine out of a dollar box, but there are plenty of gems to be found, especially when people don’t know what they have.

we’ll start with my most recent, which I just got today:

Batman: Shadow of the Bat #83 (First Modern Batgirl)
The next five all come from the same box.
DC Comics Presents #26 (First New Teen Titans)
New Teen Titans #21 (First Brother Blood)
New Teen Titans #28 (First [Full] Terra)
Tales of the Teen Titans #42 (Judas Contract Part One)
Tales of the Teen Titans Annual #3 (Judas Contract Part Four)

So, you pulled any good deals?

Best pickup I got from the quarter bins was

Uncanny X-men 266. First Appearance of Gambit.
And Spider-Woman 1. Picked this up before she joined New Avengers so it was dirt cheap.

picked up the first appearance of witchblade in some cyblade issue for a buck. another good find was all the CW colored variants for coverprice

I also pulled most of Marvel Secret Wars (minus 1, 8, and 12) from the same box I got all those Titans issues.