Dolphin Netplay Setup Guide


trying to play this game but dolphin is giving me this error

Failed to load D3DCompiler_42.dll, update your dx11 runtime, please.

whats this mean…better yet, how do i fix it?


Does anybody still play this its been a while and I want to get back to playing this.


Just as a note, the IRC channel is essentially dead. Rotanibor and I have been the only consistent presence in it since its inception, so I’m removing it from the guide.

Use OpenGL instead.

Add me on Steam through my signature and I’ll be happy to play you.


Where can I find people to play with Dolphin?


I wish someone would make a matchmaking service for Dolphin.


gonna be getting my new pc in a few days which will be able to run tvc.
hopefully i’ll be able to find people to play with.


ATTENTION: If you’re interested in organizing games for this, please join the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Steam group. It’s much easier to schedule and announce events there than the old IRC channel.


UPDATE: A new, updated build of Dolphin has been adopted by the Super Smash Bros. community, and I have followed their lead and updated this guide accordingly. I’ve also updated the minimum requirements.


What about the European ISO for TvC? I only have the European version.


Unfortunately, ISOs from different regions can’t synchronize. We can probably figure something out, though. I’ll send you a PM.


UPDATE: The new standard netplay build is now 4.0-7161. You can find the download link in the original post.


UPDATE: Dolphin build has been updated to 4.0-7840.


Just started to get into this game,Long time UMVC3 Player here, Me and a friend play on WII alot and id love to start playing online with Dolphin. So i just join the steam group and find people and i can play games?


Ill play if anyone wants to set up games w me pm and we will set a time


If anyone wants to also play TVC or other Online Wii titles. Hit me up.


I’m down to play this if anyone else wants to hit me up for some matches. Just got started and learned a few things but I’m definitely down


Dolphin 5.0 is out, anyone tried TVC UAS? It’s supposed to run better than on previous Dolphin version


Updated with the latest Smash Ladder community recommended build for netplay.


Updated with screenshots of the new netplay interface, as well as a link to the new TvC Discord.


Updated with new build, new recommended hardware specifications, and new recommended graphics settings.