dolphin, bird, turtle (update)

focusing on emotion.


poor chap.

Good coloring!


OMG!!! Save the whales!!!

Good job!!! thumbs up


poor dolphin :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: *takes a bite of tuna * :evil:


Nice pic Pon. I like this one.


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Here is an attached pic, quality is a little less to accept the maximum size


lol :lol: u guys are funny, ya that’s a great pic, :stuck_out_tongue: poor dolphin

** jumps in and saves dolphin***

dolphin bites me in the neck and i drown and died*

:bluu: teaches me to try and be a hero…



Is that oil, or did he take a killer shit

lol j/k

nice pic, draw a monkey…I love monkeys:D


:frowning: You’re pictures are so sad and beautiful, I feel really sad… :frowning: For real… I just watched a sad movie; it even adds more effect… :frowning:



Very beautiful pieces. I love the Dolphin picture, especially the emphasis on the eyes. Heart-breaking…

The Seagull (i think) picture is also very beautiful.

Don’t drink and drive… ermm… oil tankers.


wow nice!! what did u use to color it? was it handpainted? or digital? are these for heal the bay stuff? save the ocean, peace earth stuff? seem like u have a theme goin on, show more :smiley:



:slight_smile: Once again, I’m jealous! You make me happy to know there are such good artists out there like you.

:mad: Ee, suki desu kedo!