DoM 2 (Digital Ops Monthly 2) results


Hey guys.

I’d say that was a pretty good tournament. Here are the results:

Street Fighter 4 Singles
1: Grego
2: Ladymachine
3: 50/50
4: Sean
5: RyuJin
5: STD
7: Yusuke
7: Crow_Winters
9: KOH
9: Aaron S
9: Gabe
9: Ayanami
13: Ryan
13: Shardz
13: Branton
13: RioMcFly
17: Ubersaurus
17: fire chocobo

Street Fighter 4 Doubles
1: Ryan and Grego
2: KOH and Gabe
3: Branton and 50/50
4: Suiko and AaronS
5: Yusuke and Kenta
6: Ayanami and Samuraipanda

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
1: Grego
2: Branton
3: Aaron S
4: Kenta
5: Samurai Panda
5: Omniswell
7: Ubersaurus
7: Ladymachine
9: Yusuke

Street Fighter 2 HD Remix
Grego, Branton and Ladymachine split top 3.
4: STD
5: Ubersaurus
5: Ryan

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
1: Grego
2: 50/50
3: fire chocobo
4: Ayanami

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
1: Kenta
2: Yusuke
3: The Mann
4: Aaron S
5: Suiko
5: Ryan
7: Gabe
7: James

Soul Calibur 4
1: RyuJin
2: Crow_Winters
3: Mailbox
4: STD
5: RioMcFly
5: Ayanami

We’re gonna have some very cool new stuff at DoM 3. Look for the post in the next week or so. It’s currently scheduled for March 21st.


It’s mind blowing how totally off my game I was. I couldn’t do jack that whole day! Hopefully I can get a better showing next time around.


Thank you Aaron for hosting the tournament. Is it possible to actually post the brackets?

SF4 teams seemed to last forever considering the number of teams. I think there was ALOT of confusion and time lost over which console it was being played on and setting the controls. Maybe enforce same controller on the team to speed it up?

I think I did a lot better than I expected in SF4 considering how much I’ve played. For next time I’ll have to figure out how to fight Dictator(STD?) and Zangief who doesn’t spam 360 all the time.

TVC I am so disappointed with my LAST PLACE. GG to LadyMachine, in the losers 2nd game, it was a really close game. Omni will tell you how close that shit was. Some Ann Arbor people only played people they regularly play which was kind of a bummer.

GGAC ya’ll better bring it next time. GG to THEMANN and his venom. My friend lost a dollar betting on the money match against Aaron. I wish I could’ve watched that match.

What up on those Battle Fantasia results?


Thanks for hosting this aaron, cant wait for the next one.


In 3s 50/50 got 2nd and I got 3rd.


I was the dictator player (STD)! I agree with xhydralisk, the tournament(s) needs to run faster or implement some rules to make things run more smoothly( I was still in winners, and had to leave because of time constraints):sad:, other than that it was fun. :bgrin:


Yeah, I’m definitely gonna work on speeding things up for 3.

Good to hear you guys had fun though. The next one will be even better :slight_smile:


Awesome stuff, really looking forward to the next one! :slight_smile:

Any chance we can stick with just 1 system for SF4 next time? Would cut down on the confusion quite a bit… also, I promise I’ll stop borrowing your sticks. hahaha

xhydralisk - Battle Fantasia didn’t finish 'cause Aaron had to pack up his stuff and run to some clan match. Next time though IT’S SRS >:O!!11!

As a side note, SF4 grand finals weren’t played, Grego & Ladymachine decided to split the pot. Looks like the rest of us need to step our games up. :S


Thanks for posting the results.

I’ll eventually get on those videos but I’m a lazy son of a bitch.


what do u guys means with Street Fighter 4 Doubles & sf4 teams? thx,


I can’t complain with two consoles - I think it was obvious that without two or more stations SF4 takes a long time to run. Having them be different consoles was perfectly reasonable given on what we had available, and what all controls people had brought along.

But yeah, it really could have been sped up. In light of how long SF4 takes to run, perhaps that should be one of the early tournaments next time, and do a team tourney or whatever later on if time allows. It was pretty weak that HDR, scheduled at 1, didn’t start til 8:30 though. To be honest, I’m wondering if it’d even be worth running some of those games that had paltry turnouts, like 3s, when the tv, time, and space could be used to run something else. Maybe a cutoff point for a tournament should be enforced?


We had a 2v2 SF4 tournament. That’s doubles.

Sorry about HDR going so late. I should have made it more clear when I wanted it to start.

Next time there will be less round robin, which will speed things up. As for dropping games, CvS 2 is definitely dead. I think I’ll probably keep the rest. I’m hoping some people that have expressed interest in 3s will come up from Ohio for the next tournament, and all the other games got six or more people so I don’t want to drop them.


My only complaint was that the PS console didn’t have Gouken unlocked, and he is a character I use. Didn’t really matter though, I wouldn’t have done any better vs. Greggo anyways, lol. I doubt it’ll be like that next time.

Great tourney, can’t wait till the next one :slight_smile:

Somehow I didn’t get last in SF4, and I’m both happy and horrified by that.


Next tourney save da #1spot 4 me n sf4, fo sho. The tourney was tight, it could have went faster. Keep up the good work doe.


Good stuff Grego.