Dom101: Dominated!

How true… This is very informative. This is as useful as sex advice from chics. hahah

Interesting post. I completely agree about the sticks. Being British I have a bit of an anti-American attitude to the ones you use (as opposed to the Japanese lolipop sticks) but in truth, our arcades are full of the same shit.

I just read that whole thing. It’s pretty interesting actually. This is my first post in SRK. I like the atmosphere. I hope I get to know a lot of you guys. :pleased:

Wow although this is a very old thread, very nice post by the author. Very informative, learned some stuff.

So if you want to play, especially in tournaments, you want to have/play on the best arcade sticks/cabinets?

That’s a given.
You don’t want sub-par equipment if you are going to be performing par-excellance executions.

I totally agree with you. Our hardwares are like weapons. Whoever has the best weapons have a higher chance of winning (comparing two players on the same level).

let’s not forget other points of why japanese are better.

They understand the value of hardwork
In japan when somebody is doing bad in school the first thing they say is tha tyour not working hard enough. Even an untalented person can work hard and be successful. Because they understsand the alue of hard work they udnrstnad its limits better. and because they understand lits limits they can better appreciate genius. Furthermore it allows them to apply to concept of “hard work” to a “game” a concept hat most americans simply would not accept.

2.) Martial arts doctrines - this may seem a little cliche but it IS a reason. The mindset and philosophical points used for actual fighting can be used in videogmes. And that information is widely accepted nad believes and easily accessible in japan.

Do you post this informatoin in a blog as well? if not you hsould.

Good read. Lot of stuff is known by most americans at this point but I still enjoyed the article.

yeahh this is an old thread but i loved reading it, thanks for some brainjuices. but im a little dissapointed no one really goes into insight for MY game (Blazblue lol) but it still applies, just all the terms and talking about Akuma threw me off D:


S-kill, fucking amazing articles, true food for thought.

Very good read. I’m glad all these articles were salvaged and reposted after SRK went through its upgrade.