DoM3 Results - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Here’s the results:

SF4 Teams:
1: Grego and Ladymachine
2: Josh B. and STD
3: Derek and Mike
4: Sean and Cody
5: Shampoo and Conditioner
5: Yusuke and Kenta
7: HNIC Mike and Thundercats
7: Wolfkrone and Fire Chocobo
9: Person-Man and Sean2
9: Ayanami and Crow
9: Tairon and Aaron
9: Gabe and AaronS
13: Jersh and KOH

SF4 Singles:
1: alucard ($7.00)
2: Josh Ballard ($2.00)
3: Ladymachine ($1.00)
4: Mike
5: Wolfkrone
5: Thundercat
7: 50/50
7: Grego
9: Sean
9: Shampoo
9: Jersh
9: Mann
13: Tairon Wright
13: Conditioner
13: Gabe
13: AaronS
17: Yusuke
17: Mr. Funky
17: Kenta
17: Fire Chocobo
17: KOH
17: Daywalker
17: Crow
17: Kuroh
25: Ayanami
25: Fist of Justice
25: Chris
25: HNIC Mike
25: Person-Man

Guilty Gear
1: Josh Ballard ($7.00)
2: Yusuke ($2.00)
3: Derek ($1.00)
4: Kenta
5: AaronS
5: Sean
7: James

Soul Calibur 4
1: Crow
2: Wolfkrone
3: Mailbox
4: Dorian Fladger
5: Ayanami
5: STD
7: Josh Ballard

Random Tournament
1: Kenta
2: AaronS
3: Crow
4: Yusuke
5: Fist of Justice
5: Jersh
7: James
7: Josh Ballard
9: Gabe
9: Person-Man
9: Shampoo
9: KOH

Tio fucked up and I lost the bracket, but Grego won.

Thanks for coming. I’ll post info for more Ann Arbor tournaments in the regional threads.

thanks Aaron for hosting the tournament. That was the most black people I’ve ever seen,

Hahaha, Thanks for running the tournament.

Nice seeing everyone, had a blast the random tournament was fun.

lots of hype sf4 matches.

Can’t believe how fucked I got in every bracket ggs.

Good stuff Aaron, I had a blast! First tourney, 5th place, I’ll take it :stuck_out_tongue:

GGs, and great tourney. Lets start a ranbat next tourney.

damn josh, you were really liking 2nd in SF4. Keep it up and get 2nd at evo! :lol:
(also, good shit for doing so well with Seth)

Sorry I missed this, hopefully I’ll catch some of you guys this coming Sat at Crow’s.

Good stuff. Glad it wasn’t so “Grego won everything took all yo money” this month. Plenty of variety.

I didn’t play in anything but SFIV teams cuz I left early. Ya might want to take me off the lists for random and SFIV singles. I was doing shitty, but don’t put salt in the wound dude! :lol: I lost badly in ONE game, not three.

What games were played at the random free tourney? I really hate that I missed that. Hopefully you guys could get some Shaq Fu going.

Awesome tourney! It was great to see another Bison player (50/50 i think) at the tournament aside from myself. Next time hopefully we can do some mirror matches, and discuss some strats as well.

Good shit Josh. Keits showed us what Seth is made of this past weekend. :slight_smile: He’s good.

I could have done better, but it was my first tournament, I got nervous, and had to use a stick for the loser’s bracket, oh well it was fun as hell and I would gladly do it again.

Fist did u play gief? I played u. Im 50/50.

I used Sagat for both of my matches, is it cool if I add you on PSN 50/50?

yea sure. I dont have a ps3 right now. I use 2, but i had 2 sell it. I’m gonna get one soon.

Yeah, it was fun. I’m starting smaller weekly tournaments for the time in between DoM’s, the first one is next week:

Ya’ll should come.

Also, check out Crow’s tournament:

What was the turn out like at the crow tournament last time and where is it? Someone mentioned st clair shores last time I think…

why did you link it on 8wr? lol

ladymachine: not like we hide the info :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, decent turnout for a secret tournament haha. =P

haha yeah, I was kinda surprised. Hope to see you this sat then. :smiley:

Very GGs to all. Lots of tight matches and good times! lol @ having a huge lead in gundam and losing to random super that eats MY ENTIRE LIFEBAR

Looking forward to next time…and sorry ladymachine, looks like i can’t do crow’s tournament this time =/

Is crow on srk?