DoM4 (Digital Ops Monthly 4) - May 2nd - Ann Arbor MI


May 2nd, starting at noon.


1st. Grego (14)
2nd. Lady Machine (9)
4th. Alucard and Josh Ballard (8)
7th. Perfect Legend, 50/50 and AaronS (5)
9th. Cody and Gabe (4)
11th. Yusuke and espiochamaeleo (3)
15th. KOH, Dorian and Jersh (2)
16th. James (1)

Only players that have placed top 8 in a tournament are ranked.

Digital Ops
525 E Liberty St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Ops is a LAN center. It’s in a basement, and the entrance from the street is just a door. Look carefully and you’ll find it, there’s a sign.

You can find parking in a structure on Maynard street, less than a block away from the store. If you’re standing in front of ops you can see the parking structure straight ahead.

If that’s full up, the Downtown Library’s parking lot is also very close by. It has entrances on Division and on 5th. Just drive west from Ops and turn left on 5th, and you’ll see it on your left.

The best for last, this one is $2 all day:
There’s a street exit that comes out 2 doors down from Ops.

Featured Games
Street Fighter 4 (PS3)
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (Wii, but I have adapters for PS2 controllers)
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix (PS3)
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (PS2)
Soul Calibur 4 (360)
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (PS2)

PLUS - sf4 teams

We’re going to do SF4 on Playstation and Xbox if we run out of Playstations. People can borrow sticks or adapters if they need them. If someone can’t deal with playing on one or the other, we’ll try to work it out, but PS3 will be the default.

Free Side Tournaments
Super Smash Bros. 64
Possible some Arcana Heart 2 as well
If you guys want we can have the return of the Random tournament with new games, but it’s a big headache for me so if noone is particularly interested in doing it than we’ll skip it this time.

12:00 noon - Registration starts.
1:00 - Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Street Fighter 3, Free Tournament and SF4 teams.
3:00 - Money match time! Right after SF4 teams there will be time for Money Matches on the main TV. This way everyone can gather around and make side bets / cheer people on.
4:00 - Food break.
5:00 - Street Fighter 4, Guilty Gear, Street Fighter 2 HD and Soul Calibur 4.

New Things at DoM4
Pizza. I’m gonna try working out getting us pizza (either cheap or free.) The baked goods that Ops sells will still be available, and i encourage people to support ops by buying some of those. Also, they’re delicious.

Everyone tell their friends from Ohio to get the fuck up here.

Rules and CASH
No game freezing glitches. No button macros. No turbo. No pausing.

If you have game-specific rules questions ask me.

There is a $5 venue fee that goes to the store. After that, each tournament costs $10 to enter, and that money goes directly into the tournament’s prize pool. For the team tournament it costs $5 per person to enter. Top team splits 70, second team splits 20 and third splits 10.

If a tournament has 6 or less players, 2nd place gets their entry fee back, and first gets the rest.

If there are 5 or less player’s it’ll be round robin. If a tournament has 6 or more it will be double elimination.

The Michigan Leaderboard rankings will be used to seed SF4.

Other Stuff
If you can bring a set up contact me and you may get your venue fee waived.

Ops sells drinks and baked goods, and there’s several food spots within close walking distance, including Potbelly’s, Jimmy John’s, Noodles and Co. and NYPD.

See you guys there!


Goal for this one: Not last place!

#3 get hype!

if the first one is too much hype there’s also this one

If you’re making big/small or B&W prints I can also supply those. Original size is 2480 * 3508 pixels. For B&W prints I can take out the background and some other details too.

I think the date in your post is off.


Haha, I really like the first one but it might be too much lol

Which do you think is best?


Balrog one is the best imo.


I’m digging the balrog one, I might be able to make it, I’m in Owosso so it might be quite a drive for me.


It’s worth it, you should come for sure.


Its going to be about a hour and 15 minute drive for me.
My gief better bring the thunder if I go.


We drive out to Crow’s every other week, it’s about the same distance, so DO IT :smiley:


Balrog one is the best because it doesn’t have the song on it.


Put me down for SF4 singles and GG.

And my vote goes for the Balrog poster.

EDIT: Also, is the Balrog poster supposed to say the tournament starts at !:00 instead of 1:00?


Ive been wanting to come to a Michigan tourny for the longest time. Ill keep this on the look out!

If I do come, anyone wanna team up in SF4?




why is everything on good systems and then sc4 is on the 360 :frowning:


The Michigan SC4 tournaments are all on 360, so that’s just what people have sticks for.

Humbag, you should come for sure and bring some other Illinois dudes with you. Michigan vs. Illinois?


Humbug, I’ll be on your team. Rog on point with Seth Ultra Assist.


u mean Honda ultra assist…no need to thank me.:wgrin:


stop trolling plz


The Balrog poster is boss.

I might come to this one. After two humiliating loses in a row, I know I need to get better.

Edit after reading thread post more carefully:

Wait, we’ll be playing some Smash 64? That’s nuts. XD I’ll def be playing if we come, and I can bring a setup.

And how are we gonna play Arcana Heart 2? Do you have an EX3 board? Cuz the console port of AH2 is awful, lags and crashes like all hell.

If you REALLY want to play AH, (I doubt there’s much interest in MI) I can bring a set up for AH FULL, TV system and all. The AH1 port was near-perfect.


It’s possible we’ll play on pc