Domestic use of UAVS? Yes or NO?


To me this is a slippery slope, with our privacy and general safety on the line when you have these eyes in the sky that can potentially strike down on you like lightning at any time. All I can see is Skynet or Big Bro locking us all down in our spawn points with no chance to escape. Not a good look whenever you all of a sudden become a threat whether credible or not. And that’s not taking into account the private security sector who can be working for god knows who using these things to track your every waking move.

Whats the consensus?


No, Police, Security, and companies like Advertisement firm’s should not be allowed to use such tool’s against the general population. Especially when many of them are not trained to be lawyer’s specializing in constitutional law or ethic’s. With things like the patriot act, illegal searching of a house can become the norm. And then the excuse “It’s a matter of national security” justifies a lot of action’s that are not legal. Then the difference between public and private space is non existent. The white picket fence that separates your property from the public and gives you a degree of freedom is no longer there. Private space suddenly becomes Public space.

I do have a question for those who vote yes.

How is this going to make society safer? And is this fake sense of increased security worth the potential loss of the difference between public and private space?


If it’s public ground they’re covering, then I’m all for it. It’s no different from a cop on the side of the highway. Eventually robots can be first responders to any emergency.

If a drone is following the same rules as a police officer, then it’s going to be fine. The rules can be programmed in, while a human doesn’t always follow the rules.

The most important rule is:

  1. All data must be made public. A very big technical challenge. This way the public can know at any time, if they need to, what the UAV was recording.


Drones killed dozens of innocent people in Afghanistan and Pakistan. No one took responsibility for the murders the US government committed. If one of these things gets hacked and kills innocent American civilians, you can bet that the government will blame terrorists/hackers and not take any responsibility for their actions.

If the drones trespass on private property, they will get shot. These things are smaller than birds and look exactly like birds.

Anyway, I don’t think they will have too much success. This country is heading towards another civil war, except this time it won’t be a battle over physical slavery but over economic slavery and removal of basic freedoms that were supposed to be protected by the Constitution/Bill of Rights, you know, something that’s supposed to be the supreme law of the United States. As this country heads towards ruin, there won’t be enough resources to fund this project.


insert Call of Duty jokes


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As long as the a loud speaker announced either sound, I dont care.


I am just trying to imagine every negative thing associated with someone spying on me but intensified. Just think about someone using this thing to racially profile your ass because you are Muslim, with it matching your license to a data base(or worse yet, thinking it did) and next thing you know you are a target for all of these things in the vicinity. Good luck dropping your kids off at school with these shits shooting missiles and EMP cannons at you. Enjoy getting random tickets in the mail too because one of these things so you pissing in public or for your candy wrapper not making it into the trash can. Especially when some money hungry 3rd party is involved and using the law as a precedence to fine the shit out of you.


r.i.p. america, 1991-2002


Armed Drones to be in US (‘non-lethal’ – for now)

Golf ball sized drones to be in US

A Navy drone crashed in Maryland today (along with 2 other planes/drones afaik)


There needs to be strict parameters on how these are used and a crystal-clear trail of responsibility for their use.

Also, the right for private citizens to shoot the damn things down over their own property lines needs to be reserved.

As with any technology, there are legitimate and illegitimate uses for these things, and it is knee-jerk reactionary nonsense to reject them out of hand. The first defense conservative douchebags immediately leap to when they want to defeat a measure that they don’t like is “DUR HUR HUR OUR FREEDUM IS AT STAKE!”, probably while they stroke the balls and suck the dicks of corporate overlords who spend their days snorting coke out of a hooker’s asshole and then beating her up.

Hahaha, what?


Isn’t Tom Selleck a little old to save us these days should a Runaway situation occur again?


If the standards don’t make it impossible for the average person to make a legitimately recognized drone for personal use.

Let’s face it, these things are sensor deployment systems. The only purpose they serve is to gather information. We have other things like this, such as gasp! The Internet. Which is currently (somewhat) free and (relatively) open. I want to be able to make my own drone and do what I want to with it, within a set of reasonably attainable, clear and easily understandable rules. That way, if some authority wants to claim their drones picked up something, then my personal drones should have picked it up too, and they are open and fully auditable. Are the authorities drones going to be open and autditable, or will we run into the same problem as the guy who demanded the breathalyzer source code be analyzed so that he could reasonably argue his DWI case?

Of course, company that makes the devices claimed all sorts of “trade secrets” bullshit when this guy’s future and freedom is on the line. The judge granted the code review and gasp! bugs were found. Many bugs. It seems their trade secrets are a bunch of random guessing and rounding to determine BAC. Basically, in a number of samples, there would be an overwhelmingly large number of those samples that would be rounded UPWARDS to .05, making the person over the legal limit even though they weren’t.

I hate closed sensors and I would never allow one to decide the fate of my freedom. :tup:


Hell to the fuck NO! Why in the name of freedom would anyone be in support of drones flying overhead? The same drones that have continually fucked up, malfunctioned and KILLED dozens, if not hundreds of innocents?

Who would be in charge of overseeing this? The government? The same US government that is filled to the brim with ignorant, greedy, self-serving shleps who are in the pockets of the corporate douchbags that are currently fucking this country six ways from Sunday?
No. Absolutely not. It’s a horrible idea and I will never support it.


Yeah totally against it. If the technology is there to deploy fucking robots, they can streamline manned aircraft. As long as it’s manned, there’s a set regulation on how big these surveillance or response or attack vehicles can be. UAVs small enough to fly anywhere are as appropriate for domestic use as tanks. And LOL at the “creating jobs” tagline at the end. Not bloody likely.

And stop calling them UAVs. They’re Options. Nobody in the UAV industry ever played Gradius as a kid?


Wait until they are nano-sized smaller than a piece of dust and poor people who can’t afford an in-clothing ventilation system will suffer from respiratory problems from them.

Fucking read The Diamond Age for the reasons you DON’T want to see domestic drones being used.


Like I told my Dad, we’re gonna have to figure out how to kill 'em and where the weak points are :coffee:


Lets bring these out in full force. While we are at it lets make terminators just to speed up the process.


^Pretty much this. I’m gonna start investing in some weapons of my own.



Those who sacrifice liberty for safety deserve neither… or some shit like that.

I would say the government should go one step further and shut down the Google street views or similar things and actually get some bass in its voice about protecting our privacy. Yeah yeah it’s out in public but whatever, we should have a reasonable expectation of privacy even outside of our house. If some guy follows me around with a camera w/o my consent he’s a stalker. If some company follows every one around basically w/o their consent it’s the same thing to me. I know it’s technically different but the end result is the same.

So obviously surveillance drones are horseshit too. For some reason we like to shit on the 4th amendment in America.


The very existence of a government, a standing military, a police force, etc. are necessarily sacrifices of portions of our individual liberty. When pressed, most people would rather not give those things up.

This is what people conveniently forget when they buy in to the simplistic freedom vs. liberty argument–usually whenever there is a potentially useful idea on the table and D-bag politicians (always with an ulterior motive, usually an obvious one) strike it down with “DUR HUR FREEDUMB DERP A DOO”.