Dominator joystick


could somebody help me i bought the xcm dominator joystick what a mistake, i know it’s made with all sanwa parts, is it possible to switch out the joystick for the sanwa jlf tp 8y and obsf 30 buttons???:tup:


i took apart the joystick there are 8 wires, 4 gound and 4 for each direction the jlf tp 8y comes with a five wire harness any suggestions how to connect new joystick to pcb ???




Sounds like it’s a non-common ground pcb so you wouldn’t be able to use the 5 pin connector.


Do not pass go, do not collect $200

Maybe you could macro yourself some Sunwuh parts, bruh.



If you posted some clear, good quality, pics of the insides, as well as measured the button hole size, and joystick mount holes, it would help greatly.

From that info we could tell quite easily what will fit.
I already looked online to see if anyone has done a tear down of this controller, and it seems no one has. Thus it’s up to you to provide this info.


I have the pictures for the dominator joystick and the measurements up close. I am having complications attaching the pics with my thread so i’ll be posting it on you tube some time this week search for them under my name


How about just uploading them to or something?

Anyway, I got a noname Fighting Stick 2 that has exactly the same case as the dominator stick. So, actually it’s just a copy of the stick I have. To get a Sanwa JLF in you either got to make a hole in the bottom plate or use something to keep the bottom plate sticking out a bit more than usual. Button holes should be 30mm and easy to install. At least they were 30mm on my stick.^^


Dominator has sanwa buttons? :stuck_out_tongue: