Dominican Bar Fights

Dominican Kombat Presents:


Ladies and Gentlemen, The Street Fighter 4 Bar Fights in Dominican Republic.

Date: November 14, 2009
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Caa’s Bar
Price: 100$ P/P

Bar Fights in Dominican, is a great event and the first in a bar, where there will be drinks, ladies, music and the most essential “Street Fighter 4”.


1- 1 VS 1, 3-2 General matchs y 5-3 las semi-finals y 7-4 la Gran final.

2- don’t Press “Star” During game, will be puniched with a round.

3- inform to your oponent to change your control option.

4- No player can consume alcoholic drinks during tournament or before his descalification .

5- No minors

Bar address

is the date done day/month/year if not I think you put up the wrong date

Es bueno a ver que huegan en la Repulica. Mi padre es de aya.

Date change: November 14, 2009

No me digas…es posible?! jaja que bueno ~ (insert dominican phrase…i.e…eso ta heavvvvvvvyyyy, hombreeee)

I wish I was back home (La Vega), but I only go during summer :\ !! Great to see that SF is repped over there :smiley: !!!

I don’t feel too bad though, NY is representinnnnn jaja. cuidate y mucha suerte!~

will be a great event, the best players from dominican republic will be there