Dominican Republic Matches

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C.tempo Vs C. Hamter;5235655;;/fileinfo.html

C.tempo Vs C. Hamter

K.jochy vs A.Tempo;5236041;;/fileinfo.html

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same ol’ bullshit matches between friends, where one friend owns the other and makes him look “good”.

oh yeah, you guys are robotic, and not in a good way. You don’t think about what you’re doing, you just do moves for the hell of it. Way too much jumping…

Okay First match.

I don’t know much about eagle, geese match up but eagle should have rc lariated some of those jump ins or even crouch fierced them. Eagle basically just got rushed the fuck down and not even very good rush down because the geese player has to resort to jumping to close the gap because of playing c-geese. The geese jumps wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much and never gets anti-aired. The sagat, geese, sagat should have been way more patient and taken advantage of trapping geese in the corner instead of going for random super and why the hell the geese palyer decided to risk his meter like that is beyond me. Your sagat missed many important hit confirmable combo oppurtunities like low short stand jab. You also don’t know how to play footsie games very well at all. Your basics just aren’t very strong, which comes out evne more in the Blanka match. Geese jumps all the time, blanka lets him. And at the end, why does blanka alpha counter? that combo geese trys on you is not safe on block against blanka, with super at all. This match shows some understanding of the geese player on combos but none of the basic street fighter concepts like zoning, footsies, baiting, anti-airing, meter management, and especially patience!

watching second match now will post up in this post when I finish watching.

Second Match

Eagle is doing alot better poking and zoning, does some nice stuff, misses some combos and goes for a hella random super… Other than that the rest of the match blew. Same bad stuff with sagat, no concept of zoning, It doesn’t look like either of you know how to play him very well. The Blanka had some good stuff and alot of bad stuff, actually trying to chip with electricity was good, but you still don’t know your pokes very well or apparently how to use the kick super, you can hold it at the bottom for extra hits and more damage also why did you go for, cr.jab, xx ball? That combo is a 1 frame link, go for the easier standing jab. Yamazaki actually played all right, was keeping sagat out well, and poking with the obvious rh, watch out about getting predictable though otherwise you may get rolled in on during one of those standing rh and when sagat gets in on yama it can be hard for yama to get him off. OH and why did you alpha counter blanka’s jump in and not just super? I assume you just couldn’t react in time but I still don’t get the alpha counter. Though alpha countering the elec was definetly a smart move.

I’ll watch the third and then edit this again.

Last match lots of the same problems, your basics aren’t that great, you do stuff you’ve seen in matches but you don’t have a good feel for basics. Tempo, seemed more competent with a-groove than the other teams that he played but also very robotic as mentioned earlier, just x-copying a-groove a-are match vids. K-player was good at jding but needs to work on actually concepts of the game. NO RANDOM FULL SCREEN SUPERS!

okay thats all from me.


where are you all from?? i mean what city? im dominican but im in the US

I hope you doing better than them KABUKIMONO also I will like to see you play against them and you too NESCU69.:cool: :cool: :cool:

Santo Domingo.

I will upload better matches soon.Thx for the replies and keep em coming!

Umm, well you can come to portland and play me if you want, I’m not amazing or anything, I was just giving my honest opinion. You guys asked for crit I was just giving it, I wasn’t trying to be mean, I wasn’t like, OMG YOU GUYS SUCK STOP PLAYING YOU HAVE NO SKILLLZZZ.

I saw alot of potential, it just looks like you guys don’t understand some of the basic street fighter concepts, it was actually almost like you were playing it more like an SNK game, if that makes any sense.

That’s what I was thinking.

Do you want to see some zoning, footsies, baiting, antiairing, etc…?
check this video taken from a tournament finals held in 2005.

This is not a friendly match Nescu69.

About the way we play (Robotic, too much jump, blah, blah, blah…) the same it was said in the forums of and now we have the SC3 USA NATIONALS CHAMPION (pardon, I could not be contained!). Im not trying to compare these games but…do not understimate us, we really know how to play fighting games.

Take care guys!

word im from there too.where do you play at? plaza central,el conde,or where? no that it matters since am not in DR but just wondering

Okay I’ll watch the new vids.

Okay so I watched the new vid and, basically there was a slightly better understanding of zoning, but still lots of bad play. Random supers from a full screen away, jumping at incorrect times, not distancing jump ins correctly. It’s not that you guys don’t have some skill I’m just pointing out areas where you can improve.


And Tiger Upercut the jump ins! I mean you guys were just like standing there at the end! at the last 2 seconds, RUSH, you guys coulda gotten one fierce and died.

hi im (kicks) from honmaru.

mi favorite character is bison thats why i use him R2.

here is a vid of zanguiefnario our national champion man and me.

please coment. thx peaceout…

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I had some stuff written, but it can basically be summed up with:

mistakes are not being noticed and punished. laggy moves, missed customs, poorly timed jump ins. The places where an opponent says, ‘here i’ll spot you some life bar’ just aren’t being taken.

I replied to this but apparently srk ate my post. I said that overall that match was much better than all the previous ones posted. The sakura is the worst thing in the videos. And yeah just some missed oppurtunities, but overall an okay match.

thanks to all…

i will try to keep those errors in mind.

Work on the CC’s a bit. Misseed alot of openings, but gotten really better then those other vids.

Work on your A-Sak alot.