Dominick Scarpitta = VideoGameCentral = No Support

Hey Everyone,

Basically I want to apologize to everyone that ordered a stick from First let me say that I am no longer with them promoting them as a company. (Actually it’s only 1 person at that is Dominick Scarpitta) that’s basically left at the company.

The reason I left is that I could no longer deal with the service that these guys provide. The owner (Dominick) did not care about what was going on! I was told about all of the excuses and that we would see product, about the return policy and basically all of the excuses that you all have encountered. I basically was mislead myself and am sorry to all of my fans that were potentially hurt by this.

Because of all the headaches and Dominick being just a total tool, I am no longer a part of that organization.

It was all Dominick’s choice to charge “re-stocking fees”, stall customers with hope and basically have me explain it to everyone. But I decided not to deal with this anymore. I had to make a new ID, because my last ID was associated with the “VideoGameCentral” site that went down!

But let me tell you some inside info (since I always have anyways!!:). The site never had a virus, the site never had server issues. The site was shut down by Yahoo because Dominick Scarpitta was trying to take the entire site(s) and it’s earnings all for himself illegally. Probably to pay for all his cars and his really nice house! I have been there and honestly I live in a shack compared to it! ( I would say that it’s all that TE Stick money that he does not want to refund is what supports his lifestyle.)

He uses people, and abuses people with an awful work environment that I no longer could endure. So that is the reason I am coming to you now, to make you aware that he is trying to change his “company identity” so as to avoid a legal battle. For instance the real imitation VideoGameCentral is at this address:
that’s the real address he is using to try to fool everyone.

I was sooo angry that I decided that I want to help the world find out about the nonsense he tries to pull on customers and people. I helped him build his business and I took the heat and needed to get out of the kitchen sort to speak.

I am going to be working with publishers still, and promoting legitamate companies that offer hassle-free returns, good customer service and not price gouge products when you want them!

I am very sorry. But this is my first public statement here on SRK, because basically I love fighting games ever since I can remember. And I feel close to all of you as a gamer and as a friend and want you guys to know what I know.

If you have any questions, please feel free to start a new thread and I will reply to all when I can.

You can also find more information on the VideoGameCentral company here:
(He’s the “owner” supposedly)
That above site will be updated daily. So it’s going to have alot of funny shit, that you could not possible imagine that would have gone on at a so called online retail company!

Once again, I am sorry to all.

If anyone needs some questions answered, please let me know!

God your family is annoying. I don’t care what kind of family drama you guys are having, everyone involved in your little family company are douches who ripped off many of our fellow SRKers. Basically this poster is David Scarpetta and he’s trying to hijack the store through some lame ass loophole in Yahoo. And your cousin (and the rest of humanity for that matter) is an idiot for trusting you. Honestly how old are you? Do you think we don’t know that you’re David? You’re only whoring out that ugly ass blog like only a desperate attention craving lunatic would. What the fuck is your obsession with talking about yourself in the third person? You are literally insane. Or stupid. Probably both.

My only question now is why the hell do you even want to claim ownership on an e-commerce store that has the worst reputation on the internet and owes MANY people some products?

Die in a fire.

there is already a thread on this in GD,