Domino's Pizza still sucks

I was tricked by the commercials, marketing and a dumbass I work with that the pizza was better. It still is no good.
But I will say there new crust is enjoyable. But overall still the bottom of the delivery pizza chains.

Papa John’s.

top tier, but not the best.

I like thick crust. Godfather’s in Omaha (some parts of the country as well) is better, IMO.

I still prefer it over Pizza Hut. I hate Pizza Hut’s grease crust.

Thankfully North End Pizza down the road from me does good brick oven pizza for delivery. Don’t have to put up with those shitty delivery chains.

for delivery godfathers is redonkulous that shit is excellence in a box

yeah i tried domino’s new pizza last sunday and I could tell the crust was improved but overall it’s still not that good and would still be the last place in town I order a pizza from.

That’s true Domino’s pizza tastes like some random 1$ per slice pizza place.

Terrible pizza stays terrible.



Graziano’s in Mojave California and Pizza Lino’s on Singer Island are two of my all time favorites. Lino’s Antipasto is a meal in it self.

OH look, dudes trying to act all cool. The new recipe is the shit. Fuck the haters.

But didn’t Domino used to be good back in the 90s? It was the first pizza I every tried and I enjoyed it. Of course Pizza Hut come along and blew it out of the water, but Dominos was still pretty decent.

I didn’t use to like Papa Johns but it grew on me after awhile. It had the thickest crust and it wasn’t as greasy as Pizza Hut, which didn’t use to be a grease pie back in the day. I hate the way that stuff slips down my throat. It’s like eating a cheesy delicious slice of a heart attack.

Little Casear was the champion of pizza delivery if you didn’t live in NYC.

Fuck that, I worked at Dominoes and Pizza hut before, and they BOTH have gone way down hill. You try and get toppings on your shit and all you get is sprinkles like a fucking ice cream cone. The dominoes here before WAS decent, nothing special mind you. Then everyone quit and they hired a new crew, and all they serve is crap. I remember when they had two sizes, med and large. Now medium IS large, and large is EXTRA large. Fucking money grubbing bastards.

Pizza you cook yourself > Fox’s Pizza > Hunt Brothers > High-end pizzerias > Pizza Hut > Papa John’s > DiGiorno > Cheap local place which delivers > $1 Totino’s > Domino’s.

Domino’s tastes roughly like a cardboard disc with a layer of mozzarella-flavored sponge.

Edit: I almost forgot Fox’s, the mother of all pizza chains. What the fuck was I thinking? has 10 dollar larges, WITH ANY MUTHAFUCKING TOPPINGS. Even stuffed crust which you usually have to pay an buck for, still only 10 bones. I get a super supreme (usually a dollar extra) and double up on each of the toppings fo free. When you order online, click the first time online user coupon thing and you get 20% off your purchase. 8 dollar large pizzas with all the toppings you want? gives the 5 dollar lil ceasars take and go’s a run for their money.

Tried Domino’s new pizza and it still tastes like ass.

fuck pizza hut and domino’s pizza, papa john’s and little caesar’s all day baby :rofl:

btw in pizza hut it always seems like they put grease on top of the pizza after is done disgusting stuff

RoundTable and nothing else.


People outside of Cali (and other select places on the WC) aren’t privy to our greasy joy known as Round Table.

To Lothar - Yeah, I know :lol:

The whole West Coast has Round Table.

EDIT: Nice edit.



yeah my favorite large chain delivery pizza is the maui zaui with the regular sauce from round table. second favorite is straw hat’s BBQ chicken.