Domino's To Place Pizza Store On Moon

fucking Japan

Fucking Love Japan man.

Aliens dont want that greasy ass shit.

Holla at me when Papa Johns gets a spot. Fresh ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa Johns.

werent they suppose to build gundams to explore space?

oh japan. youse so crazy…

the value of domino’s pizza stock went down 52 cents

I’d imagine it would’ve plummeted a lot harder than that if this were legit, but we’ll see

Lol I remember watching the News and Newsreader bursting out laughing when he read “A rocket containing a porch Japan wants to install on the ISS has just been launched” tbh, even I laughed at that. First a front porch on the Internation Space Station and now a Domino’s on the moon? lol

Soon, a liquor store.

I know as a human race, we should be more responsible about how we implement money/technology into space, but I really want to see this sort of thing happen in my lifetime.

If a gundam delivered the pizza, then I might eat it.

I wonder if they will still honour the 40 minutes or it’s free…

You know damn well the only reason Papa Johns gets any business is their garlic sauce

Sweet that means we can eat what ever we want loose weight,


  • I’ll cross my fingers for Terra Venture!

pretty bad business plan. considering no one has ever been on the moon. are they just going to do delieveies

Keiji is not amused…

So when the moon hits my eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore?

Great so we can have obese people on the moon too.

Dominos/Papa Johns/Microwave pizza is ass.

I call bullshit. I think its a plan for a space colony for rich people! conspiracy!

I know right. Whats that nigga talking about.

You throw away the jalapeno pepper and the garlic sauce in the middle, then DIG IN!