Domo-retard - for money, this time

Note: Ekin homie, please let this thread live! You can close it down again after. :karate:

Yeah I’ll play you again, except this time it needs to be for money. I’d rather take your money than your pride this time, it’s a lot more satisfying. And please stop with the excuses, everyone saw you play Urien beforehand and saw that you don’t know shit with him. You were playing a Dudley on the big cab with the ‘better’ controls and still fucked up the most basic shit. ‘I’ don’t even fuck that up with Urien, and I don’t even play him. This is what I saw; Aegis -> overhead -> guy gets hit -> you wait WAY too fucking long and he blocks your c.fp. Most of the match you didn’t even summon Aegis. This is on the big cab with the better controls. Also, let me remind you I was on the 1st player side. The 2nd player side is considered to be the better of the h2h, having a 360 and more responsive buttons. The 1st player side has a stick that is apparently a 360/comp stick hybrid, which had some responsiveness button problems. You’re complaining? Eat shit.

Let me tell you this - everyone thinks you’re garbage. I watched you play that one match and laughed. Mike saw you play and he laughed. At first I thought you were sandbagging so I’d get overconfident, but after the first few matches I realized you were actually trying. Execution problems? Yeah, right. You parried fine, and your normals came out fine. The only difficult executing you apparently knew how to do was mash on throw. Scrub.

Bring your Urien again, I’ll rape it again. You’d better study how the fuck to kill Yang with Urien. And this time, play me relatively soon after I get back from FL - try not to bitch out like you did before. Maybe this time you’ll be able to get a more respectable score against me, like 5 wins to 10 losses.


P.S. Get the fuck off of Joe Le/Joe F’s nuts. Joe F doesn’t know you, and Joe Le hoped I wrecked the fuck out of you [which I did].

P.S.S. And no, bitch, I’m not going to waste my time to go up to wherever the fuck you live to take your money. The amount I’d win wouldn’t cover the cost of gas.

P.S.S.S. Anthony wasn’t there, nor has he seen the vids yet. So shut the fuck up with the name dropping, it’s not helping you.



OHHH SNAP, random guy.

Looks like I’m gonna get some peeps to record this again when it happens

good shit deadeye.

record this shit

Damn yo, those foozles at MGL must have dumped congratulatory haterade on you after your victory. I wonder what it was like after it ended…

Was Jimmy there?

for the record.

yeah, i played a dudley on the other cab and I should have won but the 1P fierce doesn’t work. It either doesn’t work while holding down back or only works sometimes. it happened twice and the second time would have been ftw.

mike who? makoto mike? LOL @ that. so people think i’m garbage? like who? Huy? Huy thinks everyone is garbage. If I saw myself that day, yeah, garbage from what you can see. But if you know me or remember me, different story. I really don’t give a fuck what anybody thinks anyway. Since when was this a popularity contest?

Fact is, I didn’t try hard once I realized the stick was garbage. Whats the point? I played on thinking maybe I just needed to get used to something. How wrong I was.

You don’t know me, sir. Sorry. All due respect, I know you like playing 3s now. I know you get into something and you do really good. Thats cool and all man, but this is my game.

So, stop the hate. You sound like a complete dick and I’ve never thought of you that way. Its even worst when you start acting the way you do over silly shit like this. What do you have to prove? I don’t get it.

OMG INTERNET DRAMA! GFG! I’m outie! late


I checked the match vids btw. Considering the aweful time I had with the stick I’m actully amazed at some of the things I did handicaped.

Also, Don’t say you dumed down for me. You didn’t. You did everything that makes Yang work except for his anti air and his dive kick combos. Thats nothing too spectacular.

This is your game? Since when? Don’t claim ownership over a game you can’t play. You didn’t try because the sticks were garbage? Why didn’t you say something? Change cabs, play on a console, whatever. At the end of the day, the results showed you lost 10-0 and the matches weren’t close.

They proved that all you do is talk shit and you can’t back it up. If something hampered your performance and you didn’t say anything about it, who’s fault is that? You didn’t say anything so that means you accepted your conditions. All you did was punish everything with a throw. There was one moment of hope when you connected with a c.HP, but then you did something stupid like try to do the standard midscreen unblockable.

Everytime somebody comes at you, you retaliate in the most whiney, childish way. You don’t back up your shit at all. This wasn’t like a “Hey, let’s go play a FRIENDLY game” type of thing, it was a “Hey bitch, come back your shit up” challenge and what happened? I usually don’t say much on the boards, but I find it fun to “attack” you and I will continue to do so until you either get smart or stop posting.

Ouch. Reminds me of the Battle Royale.

God damn stop with all the excuses for your poor playing. You played on the side of the h2h cab with the BETTER stick, which works completely fine according to me and everyone else there including your beloved Joe Le, Anthony, and Joe Flores. As far as the buttons go, they’re completely functional, once again according to me and everyone else. Everyone that does complain about the h2h cab is about the 1p side, so in fact Rom had it WORSE than you did. Man up to your 10-0 loss already.

Against Yang? :rofl: Maybe its the controllers fault why Yang didn’t bounce right.

Umm… simple question to be asked:

Yes or no to the money match?

That is all.

This is funny. I’m quite sure the 1p side on the bigger cab had no real problems, yet you’re going to take the match I saw and use controls as a problem, again? Apparently that’s you’re only excuse, but it’s too bad seeing as it was your execution AND your gameplan that showed me you had little to no idea what you were really doing. The pathetic use of your normals is another thing I noticed.

Mike = kin3tix. He wanted to play you too, but lost interest.

Also, please don’t say that you ‘weren’t trying’. The very first round, you gave up? Because in rounds 2-10, you were doing the same exact shit. Punishing shit with throws, 24/7. If my controls are garbage and I’m actually in a match I should win [ie I’m going to look stupid as fuck if I lose] of course I’d be saying I want to play on a new cab. The fact is, you didn’t. You simply continued to play in the same manner I thrashed you in.

I also wouldn’t be proud of saying you could do what you did while ‘handicapped’. What you were doing was:

  • Midscreen unblockables that don’t work on the twins
  • Rarely building meter. You just sat there on your ass most of the time at let me come at you
  • Throw
  • Throw
  • Parry -> Throw

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not even calling throws gay or cheap. I’m calling what you were doing [mashing on throw all the time to save yourself], retarded.

And of fucking COURSE I had to dumb myself down. It was like playing against someone new. You did wakeup throw how many times again? I had to take a direct and boring path to get through all the rounds, which was baiting your wakeup throw somehow, and punishing you for it. Shit man, you forced me to dig deep in my bag of tricks. No, actually I had to dumb down for you. Ask any of the regular Uriens, ask them if I ever divekick 5~ times in a row all the time. They’ll tell you no, because that only works on people that don’t know what the fuck they’re doing.

Also, spectacular? You’re looking for showmanship? This is Yang. I have a total of 4 moves. I made up for the boringness by perfecting you twice. Is that enough?

Whatever. Trying or not, you lost. Badly, at that. If you want a rematch, put money down. I’m not going to waste my time playing you again, because I know even if you tell yourself you’re going to try hard and play smarter, you’ll end up doing the same stupid shit again. And I’ll have to dumb myself down… again. I want to get better, not worse. So it’s best if you either take the loss and stfu, or put money down to reclaim any credibility you started out with [not much].

Essays FTW. :sweat:

Yeah it was pretty hilarious watching him try to do the shoto midscreen UB against Yang. He jocks Urien so much, but doesn’t even know proper UBs/the character itself.

Onto the real point to my post: . That is the vid of the matches. I don’t think it’s linked anywhere in here so there it is.

Umm, show me the part of the match where you had problems with your stick?

You seemed to be mashing out those throws just fine lol.

Everyone on the forums now knows what a joke you are.

You looked bad before you got your ass kicked, now you just look pathetic.

My observation after watching part 1 (not going to watch part 2):

Wake up throws, throw whenever opp is near etc. Got baited and comboed SOOO MANNYYY times 'cause he mashes on throws. Out of 6 matches so far: 1 tackle, 3 mirrors, 1 d fp. Does Domo even use urien?

Damn, shoulda picked a different super. It’s hard to win with Urien if you don’t use your Aegis.

You had opportunities… :sad:

What the hell…Did anyone notice that cat walking past Yang and Urien at 7:50 in part 1? I’ve never seen that shit before. :looney:

As stated it wasn’t me… but, I wouldn’t have bothered anyways because your play spoke for it self:sad:

Also about your not “really” trying comment

Even if a players not “trying” his knowledge/skill of the game still tend to show through (especially in a group of matches) by what they are doing and/or attempting to do in the match.

IE a good player will not go for a midscreen ub setup that doesn’t work on the character they are playing against…

I’d point out more but Rom/etc have already done so

P.S. if you wanted style points in your loss you should of played me. The 100% stun combos at least a +3-6 points depending on if it was actually needed to guarantee stun or not

*Note Yang gets his cat after a win streak of 3 iirc