Donate to Keep Boel off the Streets


Backstory: Boel, aka Boleslaw, has spent the last 2 summers homeless. 2 years ago, he spent the whole summer living on a dude’s couch. This past summer was even sadder, when he became a sex slave to a fat girl because she had air conditioning. She even “terror raped” him at one point. Sometimes he would jack off in secret, in order to keep from having to have sex with her. Think of what that must have been like for him, and shed a tear.

Boel’s new year’s resolution is to not spend Summer 2010 homeless. And you can help.

Just like African children can survive on 70 cents a day, so too can Boel. Whatever change you have, please donate it to this charitable cause. I’m sure Dasrik’s family has enough loot by now anyway.

Please send whatever you can spare to Boel’s paypal address:

Thank you and God bless.



Potential thread of the year?


tell the bum to get a job


I’m donating my whole paycheck at the end of the month, I live at home, why not.


for “terror raped” :rofl:


Sadly this really is not a joke thread. Everything that was typed there is true.


Waitaminit, Boel IS the streets. Isn’t this an oxymoron?


Get a goddamn job, Al.


Ahahaha. The best. :rofl:


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Get a fucking job, Boel.


Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

Anywho, he needs to get a job and stop being a useless douche.


Lol boel has a job.


This is made even funnier considering the av’s that cat always rocks. Story sucks ass, you should have thrown in something about his family being killed by ninjas and that he really needed the money for kung fu lessons. That dude needs to pick up cans or something.


Wow just wow man I mean maybe dude needs to get a job does he have any marketable skills at all also dasrik joke was not funny .


is this a seerious thread? some of my friends are good for nothing bums and i don’t give them shit.


Except boel is not a good for nothing bum, can you not read!!? TERROR RAPE! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THATS LIKE!?

/ someone is hogging all the jobs btw.


nigga get a job. I got 2 and you can’t get 1?


dammit kids

also dammit quiche

yeah i have a job and always have,

my previous homelessness has had more to do with living in a crummy college town and having less than savory roommates than anything else

worry not true boelievers I have a more job now than I used to and will be setting a place up now to avoid what happened the previous two summers


We appreciate you putting up a strong face Boel, but those of us who know you well understand how dire your situation truly is.

Despite what he says, Boel has no job and nowhere to stay this summer when his “lease runs out” (they close the school for the summer and lock the janitor’s closet). Please donate.