Done deal thanks SRK! please close!


as the title says im have a tmo stick wired up for 360 that im try to sell
its all sanwa parts cept for the start back and guide buttons those are seimitsu, every thing has been play tested for about 20 mins and also would like 2 metion that everything is soldered in sry no qd’s

also the only flaw i can see is 1 minor paint chip.

asking $220 shipped in the us thanks!

Edit: also will accept trades! things im looking for:
psp 2000 with custom firmware and in near mint condition
Cthulhu board
Sega saturn games (JP)
SS Viruta Stick HSS-0136
anything else that you think may intrest me just send me a pm

any questions at all just send a pm! :tup:


damn i’ve seen this stick being sold like 6 times already
nonetheless great stick! TMO = awesome

i would consider it if there was no paint chip :frowning:


haha thanks man but yea its not very noticeable since its on the bottom! easy fix with a lil touch up! :tup:


now accepting trades!


What about local Pick-up?


sorry the stick has been traded…