Done Deal.


I went yesterday to see how the event was and I was happy to get in and out with a goodie bag. The bag includes:
-Large Juri T-Shirt
-2 Posters (one with Juri, and One that shows Tatsunoko vs Capcom),
-A Tatsunoko vs Capcom Hand Towel(Terri Cloth, so good!)
-A Ryu Figurine
-Street Fighter 4 Headband
-Udon Comic Book
Asking price is $125 shipped. or Trade for a Namco Stick. :stuck_out_tongue:
PM me if you are interested.


hey was wondering if u could post a pic. i’d like to see the goodies since i’ve never seen any of this stuff heh.


Sure. :smiley:


Hey net! I’m not personally interested, I’m broke haha xD. But I too would like to see 'em pics. Too bad, the Juri shirt (seen from vids) looks pretty badass.



Updated with pics for request


How much for just the shirt?

:lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin:


I’m going to sell the whole thing as a bundle. :X


Oh man.
I want that Juri. :crybaby:


How about I give you the HRAP3 as payment for dual modding and the shirt?

I have a Namco stick too, but I’d give that up after the mod is done, otherwise I’m assed out, haha.


Do you have any pics for it?
I’d rather have a Namco stick. Those things are hella nice.


I have an extra Namco Arcade Stick.
Do I want to trade for this?


Really?!?! @.@
I’ll try to include a bit more stuff in there for that stick. :stuck_out_tongue:


I may go through with this.
Will think about for more time.
Talk to you when I wake up sleep.


Yo Ben stop undercutting my prices!


Would you take a HRAP3SA for it? I got two namco sticks but I can’t let them go.


If Jdm doesn’t get back to me on the Namco stick, I suppose I can do the trade for the HRAP3SA.


Close this. Traded.


Aww, really?
I was waiting from when I woke up to see you log on AIM for us to talk.
Did not see you on so I sent Private Message ten minutes before this Post.


Traded to JDM.


k, closed