Are these above retail prices?


The hell? No. My prices are based off, and are below, that of Play-Asia. I’d recommend doing your research before posting again.




Added Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Limited Edition - $90

Added Pop’n Music mini-controller (boxed w/ inserts) - $60

No idea how much these sell for but there aren’t any on Yahoo Japan, so I’m going to assume it’s rare.

Also, shipping methods and times updated.


XRGB2+ has been sold.


can only speak for the PS2 games but they are about 75% too expensive. Especially considering almost all of them are available in US versions, for drastically cheaper.


Let’s look at how wrong you are.

Current JP-only titles:

So in actual fact, the reverse is true. Over 75% of my games are imports.

And even if we take into consideration some titles which have been localized:

>$62.99 for Rez
>$47.92 for Mr Mosquito
>$69.97 for Zone of the Enders 2.
My prices are $30, $20 and $25 respectively.

Additionally, my prices are NOT based on localization prices, but prices based on their new price tag, as my games are all in like-new condition:

>ANUBIS Zone of the Enders 2
>? 6,800 ($81.92 USD)
>My price, $25.
>? 2,980 ($35.90)
>My price, $20.
>Mr. Mosquito (ka)
>1 new from ? 19,800 ($238), Playstation2 the Best version for ? 3,727 ($44.90)
>My price, and for the original print, is $25.

Regardless of whether the games have been localized (assuming you live in America) is largely irrelevant. I don’t know why you’re comparing my games to that of localized versions, but even if we do so, it’s still wrong as proven above.

Thanks for the free bump though.


Yeah they don’t reply do they.

Prices dropped on:

Arcana Heart - $25 ? $20
Final Fantasy X International - $40 ? $35


Metal Slug 3
Metal Slug 6
Gradius V
Gradius III & IV

…were all released in the USA. Regardless, you seem to have misunderstood my point: 75% was in reference to your prices, not to the number of games available (and almost all was hyperbole).

Take Arcana Heart for instance. If I can buy an American copy for $10 bucks, why would I want to buy the japanese version for $25?

Then you have near-launch titles like IQ Remix + that you can get for cheap almost anywhere, listed for $40 bucks, which is basically what it cost brand new sealed back when it came out…ten years ago.

Zone of the Enders 2 you can generally pick up for $25 - $40 dollars, and once again, you are getting the American version, you know, the one we can actually read. Going by currency-converted prices on is nonsensical, because it doesn’t take into account that people don’t want the japanese versions of US-released games when there are no differences beyond the localization. These japanese versions therefore become devalued by English-speaking consumers.

Even is a terrible way to price your games, because most of the time you are pulling up listings that have sat there forever because they are obviously too high. Those prices aren’t market prices, they’re just what some random chump hopes to scalp someone on. And even then, there are plenty of Mister Mosquito’s for $10 bucks.

You say your prices are based on the “new” price point because your items are “like-new” ? That is also nonsensical. They are either new or used, period. Plenty of used games are in “like-new” condition. “New” in an actual listing means that the game is sealed which is completely different than “like new”. Are all of your games factory sealed? If not, they are used. They could be used and in very good condition, but used nonetheless, and it would be delusional to base your prices off of a new listing.

I was just trying to help you out, but feel free to do whatever you want…seems to be working great so far.


You’re comparing my imports to localized versions, which is pointless.

You’re speaking for the majority in saying “everyone wants English-speaking versions”, and you seem to think that Japanese versions are of lesser value, based on what you want to buy.

Your source on IQ Remix is eBay. Two used copies sold from the exact same guy. But alright, I’ll drop my price from $40 to $20 after this post. I bought it for $60 at the time, and no, it was not “ten years ago”.

Here, games are unsealed by game store owners and put behind the counters. I’ve also heard of American stores doing the same practice. Does that mean they’re “used” because they’re no longer sealed, despite being sold as “brand new”?

Don’t bother answering any of this. I am sick to fucking death of your shit stirring. You actually have the audacity to claim that your initial post was “helping”. Hilarious, yes, I’m sure entering somebody’s sales thread and saying “all your games are too expensive” without anything further is going to help the seller.

Oh, and one last thing. I’ve sold about 20 of my import games already, during the middle of last year, before reposting this thread.


you’re an idiot. he was trying to help and he was being very nice about it, numbskull.

never did he say everyone wants an EN ver., but he’s pointing out that about 99.9% that will read this thread WILL want EN especially when, as he pointed out, they can find it cheaper. Never did he say Japanese versions are of a lesser value just simply because they’re Japanese (again, you’re a fucking idiot)

how does bringing up shady practices that MANY don’t agree with help your case at all? yes they’re fucking NOT “brand new”. and you say he’s the moron? while you’re the one bringing up some BS to try, and fail, at helping your argument for overpriced used goods in a language that the majority here cannot understand.


And what is this BS of Metal Slug 3 and 6 being localized? They didn’t get standalone releases in America.

Metal Slug 3 Release Information for PlayStation 2 - GameFAQs
Metal Slug 6 Release Information for PlayStation 2 - GameFAQs

How is the proceeding quote “helping”, and if someone did it in your thread, how would you feel?

No, you misread. I said “you seem to think that Japanese versions are of lesser value, based on what you want to buy.”

Along with:


He’s trying to say that the Japanese versions are devalued if a US version exists. What I’m saying is, there is no fucking point in comparing Japanese releases to American releases.

Amongst this there’s also the presumption that;

  1. everyone can order from (wrong)
  2. everyone wants American versions (wrong)
  3. English speakers don’t want Japanese versions of localized games (wrong)
  4. everyone can order “used” games from (almost always entirely wrong, unless they offer international shipping, which is usually abnormally high)

Doesn’t that sound like “speaking for the majority” to you?

I assume you’re talking about game owners unsealing games, but that doesn’t seem to happen in Japan, and most of my games arrive either unsealed but brand new, or sealed.

I’m not selling these items as brand new. They are less than the price. Also to note, you cannot order from without a proxy service, which would cost even more.

No? I take care of my stuff, if my games were anything but like-new, I would have declared this in the original post. I am not “failing” at anything, but that’s a lovely sentence buffer you’ve set for yourself. Please, tell me how I’m expected to price Japanese versions other than using’s current prices.

Respectfully I should have just reported your shitposting and moved on, but oh well.


lol you edited your post

hey, I’m not an idiot on everything and I would have actually considered his post, combined with the previous person making the same statement, combined with the fact hardly anything was selling and looked more into it/asked for more input.

I think it’s painfully obvious that he didn’t have to mention that there might be someone in the US who would want to buy a used, overpriced, foreign game. He never said 100% no one in the US would buy this ish, but it’s pretty close. the same thing with your presumptions, pointless to mention and that’s still avoiding his points.

again, how does bringing up the crappy practice of calling opened games new help you? you’re just not getting the point? regardless of what you stated in the OP, he was still pointing out that basing your prices on brand new items is faulty.

hey, you shitposted someone actually helping and being entirely nice about it, so I shitposted because you were being an ass (not simply because you weren’t understanding what he was saying). I’ll leave you to your thread. good luck, you’ll need it in here (and in life seeing how you handled the above posts).


Elixir takes care of his shit

The price of a US release is irrelevant to the pricing of the Japanese version

OP isn’t even in the US

American version of AH has the voices changed or taken out or something

After looking over the first post there is no way the pricing is outrageous as people are stating


Well, maybe if somebody actually gave some constructive criticism, I would think about it and respond appropriately.

Sorry, I don’t see how “well your shit is horrendously overpriced and can be found anywhere in a language that people actually know for drastically cheaper and absolutely no one wants Japanese versions because they’re inferior” is constrictive.

If it was just something like “hey dude, would you take $_ for <these games>?” or “would you consider selling x for ___ price?”, then sure.

Ah, I like this. Everyone lives in the US. Everyone has access to and everyone can find the game in English for cheaper. Everyone wants American versions. Everyone on SRK is American. Yeah, you’re pretty much exactly like him: narrow minded and making assumptions. These are not my assumptions, these are yours.

My items are like-new and I have priced them as such. I have not priced them as brand new. I have already said this before. Would you like me to quote where I have said this before, or did you simply decide to glance over it and/or pass it off as irrelevant?

Sorry, “all your items are overpriced” is not constructive posting and I cannot honestly respond asking for more input, or, well, take it anything more than just trolling. I wonder if you visit orka’s and end every sentence with “fucking idiot”. Guess I’ll find out.

Since you haven’t read the trading thread rules, let me address them to you.

Things like “you will need luck in life heh heh” and “looks like you’re doing a great job selling stuff” (or whatever) is not acceptable. Save the bullshit for your myspace, cheers.

Edit: Japanese 360 has been sold.


wow you’re doing the exact same thing that you wrongly accused others of doing in here, good job. I sure have called people fucking idiots IRL, it’s a rare occurrence though since they no longer have the online luxury of mindlessly crapping on someone’s helpful post and twisting words and points around.

but hey you were the first person crapping in here, sad you can’t see it. again, good luck in life if you treat polite-ness the same way IRL. I doubt you do though unless behind a computer screen.


It’s like you don’t even read what I write, interesting.

No, I’m not wrongly accusing others. You haven’t explained how his original post is constructive, and you haven’t explained how else I could price my goods besides using as a guideline.

So, I’ll answer in your place.

You would take it as a helpful post, and you cannot explain how it is a helpful post. You can’t suggest alternatives to, because you have absolutely no idea of what you’re engaged in. Your perspective is that everyone else lives in the US who views these as “used, overpriced, foreign games”. Your words.

I have already explained that, if it was worded properly (and wasn’t just mindless YOUR SHIT IS OVERPRICED), I would probably be able to make a deal. It’s called bartering. Can’t barter with somebody by going into a thread, claiming their goods are expensive, and never posting again.

And yes, I would gladly act the same way in real life, sure. I don’t know if you just aren’t aware that you can’t hold a debate or whatever, but if you actually addressed what I wrote instead of “hur hur good luck in real life”, maybe you could be taken as something other than condescending, white noise.

So, now that this thread’s a gigantic clusterfuck (thanks), I’ll make a proposition: If anyone can find these games for sale elsewhere for cheaper, and the website is capable of shipping to your location, I will match their price and beat it by 10%.


PM’d about FFX International