i know the sticky says not to post for custom sticks but i’m hoping this is ok since it’s a bit of a unique situation. i’m an impatient guy and from what i can gather, most of these stick makers are either not taking orders, not responding to PMs, or have a long wait before i can get my stick. i’m offerirg this much in hopes that someone will jump on the ball right away

I don’t want anything special, just another custom stick. i have some specific requests like a unique button layout, but that’s it.

in my stick i want:

-compatible with PS3 and xbox 360
-sanwa parts (6 buttons, and i want 24mm buttons, not 30mm)
-unique button layout that i will tell the seller about (it’s nothing crazy)
-metal case would be preferred and i could pay even more for this, but wood is ok too.
-dimensions should be the same as the TE stick
-some art for the stick which i haven’t decided on yet
-quick disconnects
-overall craftsmanship should be of very high quality like some of the custom sticks i seen here built by souji, hahano, etc.

i think that’s it for the stick. it’s nothing crazy

i also expect very good service for this price, as essentially that’s what the extra is paying for. i expect my emails and pms to be responded to promptly (under 12 hours).

any takers?


You want 24mm face buttons on a large dimension TE style stick? Mind if I ask why? Sounds weird…


i want a large surface area on the top because i want the joystick to be further from the buttons than normal and i want to make sure i have more than enough room to plant my wrists/hands. plus i like the added weight of the TE stick.


For what you’re asking and for under/at $400 I would think you could go this route:

  • Buy a TE
  • Dual mod it
  • Get a custom metal panel made for your button layout (some members here do it)
  • Get plexi from Arthong to display your artwork.

You can easily sell your Sanwa parts from the stick to get some extra $$ and replace it with buttons and stick of your choosing.

Not exactly what you’re looking for I know, but if you have trouble finding a taker on building you something special I think you could get something you’ll be happy with going this route.

Sounds like you already like the build/size and feel of a TE anyway, so you’ll get the comfort you want and a quality stick.


i still dont understand the 24 mm facebuttons …


Oh yeah, 24mm face buttons are ridiculous.


luckyday, damn that sounds like a great idea. can you direct me to someone who does the metal panel? i did a search but didn’t come up with anything.


Try this guy:

I believe when you make this kind of request you specifically have to ask for an “artisan”.


ahh yea i was looking for this guy’s thread and tried helping out but i got off tangent in another trading thread lol

anyways good luck with your quest! be sure to show us your results


No problem.

The only thing you may have to wait on is the plexi, because I’m not sure Art is doing custom layouts at the moment.


ok. i just want to play. i don’t need art immediately, i just need the plate.

thanks so much guys.


This sounds very interesting. Any reason why you can’t mention the about the button layout here, if it’s nothing crazy anyway?

As far as the dimensions are concerned - do you mean lenght/width/height or are you asking for the wood/metal case to be the same shape as the TE stick?

If you go for a wooden case, what are your expectations in terms of wood type (different wood types mean different prices depending on availability)? What about finish?

If the TE route works out for you it will be way cheaper as already mentioned. If it doesn’t work out, drop me a line as I may be able to help (depending on further requirements from your side of course).


i’m going to be ready for more work real soon here. shoot me an email if you want.

some of my work


new source to get a custom plate?

anyone know where else i can get a TE plate made? the guys who posted in the thread aren’t responding, and if you look at the last couple pages of the thread, seems some customers aren’t getting what they wanted.

okazaki, this stick i’m making is specifically for mvc2. the button layout i want is basically like a mirror image of the TE layout. on the TE the bottom row slants to the left relative to the top row. the layout i want is the same as the TE except the bottom row slants to the right instead. i believe this will make it much easier to triangle jump by using the “slide method” (ie, sliding from the two punches after an airdash down to short or rh) the TE layout is probably better if you like using your thumb. this whole thing is mostly an experiment for me. i’m not 100% suer i’ll like teh 24mm buttons or the layout, but i think i will. and if not, oh well, live and learn. thanks to the custom plate idea it won’t cost me much


I have a stick for sale and can get it dual modded for you.
Also, I have a case that can be done up and ready to play.

Oh, and I also have a 3rd larger case with viewlix layout that isn’t mentioned there. I can stain/pain it and set it up for you to play.

Let me know if you’re interested!


if you want a dual modded stick on the level of hanano or souji, you are indeed asking for something special. Your price is right though.

I can redo everything if you’d like.