Dong Dong Never Die - Terminator FTW!

And here another 2DFM fighting game,from china,and it is totally in chinese.
Why should i try this?
-Simple movelist
-Voice is meh.
-It is Open Source.
-Having a iori clone.
-Bio-man is top-tier.
-…the credit for Lunaport is wrong.When suddenly Sugeno know to write a Lunaport?
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YouTube - dongdongwillneverdie’s Channel
Offical Blog:
Baidu Message board:

Crazy Jiberish!

That download link doesn’t work :sad:
Looks awesome though. Any youtube?

Would have prefered if Mario wasn’t in it(more “legit” kinda), otherwise seems awesome.

Dong Dong Never Die has to be one of the best fighting game names ever.

Definitely gonna give this a go, if only for massive comedy purposes. I wonder if it’ll take off well like Vanguard Princess did. :lol:

Yin: Click on the first download link posted by rikimatsu and scroll down a bit. You’ll find a set of green arrows where you could choose any one of them to download the file.

Thanks :tup:

By “open source”, does that mean anyone can take photos of themselves/use some tool to make moves and put in the game? :rofl:

Edit: 370 mb at 30kb/s… Gonna take a while.

Well,the open source part is voices and pictures that is used in-game.
And i’m also taken a long for downloading it that thing,but it worth for the LOL.

Omg, it was so worth it :rofl:
This game for EVO!

I’ve only tried the guy with white shirt, the orochi-arms win pose and the “throw away leather jacket” intro pose, but he rocked. This game is awesome.

ok im downloadin


I’m downloading this right now.

I have a lot of friends from China (including my roommate and my girlfriend). Maybe they can help me understand some of the humor.

Once the download is finished and I have some time, I’ll put up some translations of menus and whatnot.

It has IP to IP netplay. So far I have tried almost all chars, and guy with the book is awesome (has 4 summons out of it + 2 super summons) but is hard to play as. There is also a couple of move clones out of SF, KOF and Samurai Shodown. Girl with the umbrella has Shizumaru’s movelist (plus Optimus Prime summon, lol); beach guy has Shadow Copy of Hanzo, and thug with knife (whom I didnt saw on select screen) has Haohmaru’s Tenha Fuujin Zan as one of his supers.

Well then there’s Kyo, Iori, Ken(Ryu? because there’s white gi but his stage is Ken’s), Guile, Zangief clones, and Mr.Bison’s moves are scattered over few chars. Mario is an Akuma clone, complete with Shun Goku Satsu, only kanji on his back stands for “horse” is Im not wrong

Army guy has “Mission Impossible” music at his stage.

Then there’s guy who has either Terminator intro or K9999 (with cape) intros, but his movelist is weird, a few shoto moves, some long fireball that doesnt travels full screen, and his super has him launching 5 guys at the opponents, and the 5 then pose as in group photo

I think the cowboy girl is ripped off Clark, and the weird eyebeam guy off Cyclops (he has like smallest moveset and I think he sucks)

+Many characters
+Easy special move commands (good to introduce people to fighting games)
+Has netplay
-Small movelists
-Basic gameplay
-Too many similar moves, shoryukens, spinning kicks, etc

Last column in the first row of downloads allows up to five simultaneous connections.

Not sure about the others. This one sat at one connection for a bit before going up to five.

My girlfriend found a faster download link:

Click on the Bittorrent link if you have a BT client (utorrent is what I use).

Also, here’s a movelist:

so ill, so ill

This is a movelist too:

I don’t read any Chinese, but I figured out a few things just by matching characters and whatnot. This is pretty obvious/predictable stuff if you look through it but I’m throwing this out here anyway. It might save you guys some time.

It’s definitely a four button game. (Legend is at the top right.)
I got an assist from Google Translate and I’m 100% positive that ABCD is lp hp lk hk.
So, if you’re configuring an arcade stick…

MK-style input detection for joystick motions:

  • it uses d,f instead of qcf, ie. you don’t actually need to hit the diagonal
  • dp motion is listed as f,d,f and I’m assuming that d/f would count as the f for the last input
    Easy like Black Shroud said.

Unsurprisingly, all of the joystick motions for moves end with one of the following:

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • A or B
  • C or D

A+C is apparently a universal command for something, and back+A+C should apparently do something else very similar.

Pressing A+C during a certain situation should yield some additional universal command.

Two more universal commands are foward+B and forward+D. Maybe throws?

B+D apparently does something universal too. May cost 1 stock of super meter.

Speaking of which, the gameplay screenshots make it look like you can store multiple stocks of meter. (I really doubt that the numbers indicate selectable supers because one of the characters with only two supers on her list has a 3 on her meter in a picture.)

I’m assuming that each character’s movelist is divided into command normals, then specials, then supers. Note that some characters have no command normals.

Right under the universal commands, there is some writing in red broken up by arrows progressing rightwards. I think it’s an order of rules for what can cancel into what when building a combo.
(light normals) > (heavy normals) > (command normals) > (specials) > (supers) > (supers) …

Some of the moves have parenthesized notes following them.
My guess is that the ones for special moves with the numbers 2 or 3 in them indicate that they are repeatable two or three times?
I’m certain that one of them means “while airborne” (all white top long black hair guy, and Mario)
The note for the super move with the 2 in it (teal suit machine gun gas mask guy) could mean it takes two bars.
I suppose the others mean typical things like “hold button down,” or maybe some other condition of usage? Who knows what else.

The parenthesized notes INSIDE of the joystick motions are going to be hold and charge for a few seconds or whatever of course.

I feel confident that most of this is right, but I don’t doubt that some could be wrong. I definitely do not know Chinese and I haven’t played the game yet either! So take this but bring a salt shaker.

also since Mario is in this game you will probably like it if you love Super Smash Bros.

More info:

I uploaded it to Filefront.

nice find :tup:, downloading it right now

Dongjon fighting engine

Given the rate at which 2009 is pumping out the poverty, I can’t wait to see which game takes the title of the true ghetto superstar

all 2009 is missing now is an HD bumfighting game (with online play, of course)

Mario’s shun goku satsu glitches when opponent throws him out of it
if it trades hits, mario recovers first and opponent is open to attack

I also hate the game for giving you meter during a super

dude with the red hair is broke as fuck
he can combo like anything into everything and multiple supers

the contruction worker is pretty fun to play

The winpose of the palm dude is taken from Orochi