Donnie yen just can't stop beasting : Ip Man 2 thread

last december , bodyguards and assassins .

february 14th , 14 Blades …

now , [media=youtube]wdAyJ6KB3yw&feature=player_embedded"[/media] 29th april

can a brother get a translation?

Fuck man I haven’t even seen the first one. Net flix doesn’t have the blu ray for some reason. The streets is hungry.

My cousin showed me Ip Man and that shit was dope. I look forward to Ip Man 2

Bluray release is like $50on Amazon…damnit.
Come on domestic release.

thedude, you forgot to include these two:




I was corrected on that, if you search other means, you can find it for a much better price…

And this news makes a frustrating day better.

  • :bluu:

Yeah this shit will be godlike. I haven’t seen Sammo on screen in a minute.

the first one was one of the best martial arts movies ive ever seen, will be seeing this with high hopes.

Donnie yen vs Sammo 2!!! first SPL now this…Man i cant wait…

Another vid:


In case those of you that havnt seen the first one yet:

They play it at Great Wall.

No lie you know on the right side with all those video stores? There one with a T.V just chillin in front of it always playing it.

HAHA nice one. Might have to stop by and park my ass down to watch the magnificence.

Ip Man is legend.

And the movie is one of my top 3 EVR.

What’s going on Pablo, here’s a bluray of Ipman for
$16 shipped. I heard the extra’s dont work but oh well its cheap…

Ipman was pretty decent, one of the better MA films in recent years. Ip Man 2 should be good cuz Sammo is the action director…

You can cop the full blu-ray at Play Asia for $34

I still haven’t seen the first one but it sounds like I gotta check out

Donnie vs Sammo

AGAIN! needs to watch

Damn I loved Ip man. This is gonna be great!

well , you americans get the good games , but aussies don’t

aaaah look at 1:11 , young bruce lee ??

thank god , jay chou did not take the role as young bruce lee . his recent movie on last early january was like crap . rated 1 our 5 star .

What will the story be about?
I really enjoyed the first movie (I need to show it my relatives so they can enjoy some martial art action), so I look forward to the 2nd having good fights =)