Don's Arcade aka Astro City: Torrance/Carson Fridays 8pm-3am

Don’s Arcade Torrance

I’m hosting SFV, Ultra SF4, Third Strike, Super Turbo, Hyper Fighting, Alpha2/Alpha3/Vampire Savior/Xmen Vs Street Fighter, & CVS2 casuals.

Location: TEXT OR PM ME FOR ADDRESS @ (310) 344-9367

Run Time: Every Friday 8pm-3am

Entry Fee: $5 fee per person.


I have one PS4 setup for SFV and other PS4 Fighting Games which is on a Ben Q Monitor each provided with two Mad Catz TE2 sticks so you don’t have to bring any controllers. BUT IF YOU MUST: FEEL FREE TO BRING ANY JOYSTICKS OR PADS OF YOUR CHOOSING. I AM, HOWEVER, NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR JOYSTICK IF IT BREAKS HERE. BRING AT YOUR OWN RISK. The second PS4 setup is hooked up to a head to head Delta 32 Arcade but this machine even tho it too has all the PS4 fighting games, players here mainly claim it for Ultra SF4. SO SINCE ITS ALREADY HOOKED UP TO A CAB NO JOYSTICKS ARE ALLOWED ON THIS ARCADE CABINET SETUP.

Arcade Games:

All of these arcade games are on Sega Astro City Head To Head Japanese arcade cabinets:

Third Strike (4 setups)
Super Turbo
Darksoft CPS-2: Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Vampire Savior, Xmen Vs Street Fighter, or another Super Turbo
Capcom VS SNK 2

So here are the following games I will have on BOTH PS4’s:

Ultra SF4
Tekken 7
Guilty Gear XRD Revelator R2
BlazBlue Central Fiction
Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round
Skullgirls 2nd Encore

All the games are already downloaded onto the console so all you have to do is pick which one you want. It’s first come first serve on what game you guys decide to play from the list. Yay we got variety here now:)


This is my home. Please have respect and decency for me and for my place.

Everyone must pay the $5 entry fee after they enter my garage and before they play one game. Once you enter my garage you must find me and pay me $5. Once you pay me and get it out of the way you are free to do anything you want. You could even leave my place to go out for food and come back. So please make it easy on me and pay me the $5 entry fee as soon as you enter and get it over with so that you can have fun.

When you get to my place DO NOT KNOCK ON THE FRONT DOOR. Go to the front and there will be an unlocked door in the garage to your right. go in there into the garage. WATCH YOUR STEP WHEN YOU ENTER ITS STEEP. It should be obvious because you will see the light and hear the noise that will come from the garage.

So anyone and everyone is invited and all are welcomed. There is no limit amount of people who can attend so if you want to feel free to bring people with you. The more the merrier. Everyone, however, must pay the entry fee. If you’re a regular and you know the place you could just show up. No need to call. If you’re new and you would like to attend call or text Don at (310) 344-9367. I prefer text. Contact me and I will give you the address.

EVERYTHING ENDS AT 3AM. If everyone is still here and I’m not tired we shall go all the way to 4AM.

No alcohol or drugs.

No smoking. If you must smoke, smoke outside on the sidewalk so that you could throw your cigarette butts away in the gutter. No smoking in the garage please. And please throw your cigarette butts in the gutter of my driveway and no where else. Please don’t throw them anywhere else. I could get in trouble if you throw it on my neighbor’s property.

No racist comments please. Racist comments will not be tolerated.

Trash talking is allowed but keep it fun. Don’t let it get too personal and don’t get out of line. Please keep it in the game.

I know when you’re playing for hours you could get thirsty. I’m selling water and a can of coke for $1. I am also selling candy for $1a piece as well.

I just want to make it clear that OUTSIDE FOOD IS ALLOWED. JUST KNOW THAT THE TRASH CAN IS THE BLACK TRASH CAN OUTSIDE. I don’t mind you guys bringing your food and drinks when you come over. If there are any volunteers we could also send someone out on a run to get us McDonald’s or In N Out.

It’s ok to leave your empty cans and plastic bottles laying around my garage since I recycle. I will collect them later. **BUT PLEASE THROW AWAY YOUR FOOD WRAPPERS AND TRASH. I GOT ENOUGH TRASH TO CLEAN UP AFTERWARDS AND I DON’T WANT A MESS. PLEASE DON’T MAKE MY PLACE DISGUSTING. BE NEAT. **

**I have the right to ban anyone if I want to. So please don’t let me get upset with you because I don’t want to ban anyone and divide the community. I want everyone to be able to join the club. So stay on my good side. **

Have fun. The whole purpose of this place is to have fun playing Street Fighter together. I myself don’t play as much these days. But I like hosting and helping the community by providing them a place to gather and play once a week. I do this for the greater good of the So Cal Fighting Game Community. I just want to get as many people playing offline Street Fighter or other fighting games competitively as I can.

There are all these fast food joints on Carson street right by the hospital. An In N Out to the left and a plaza that has Weinerschnitzel, Fatburger, Carl’s Jr. and Starbucks. I know if players are hungry they get grumpy. JUST REMEMBER WHERE THE TRASH IS. IT’S THE BLACK TRASHCAN OUTSIDE THE DOOR.


Thanks guys. Hope to see you. Drive safely.


Taking a break from the game. Dropping Viper. I’ll be back in January.

Gatta get 'em with them costuuuuumes. You gonna get around to getting the other costume sets for shits and giggles or nah?

And 50 / 50 chance of me making it out there this week.

It’s cool come whenever you can, no pressure. I’ll be holding these for a while.

I don’t know about buying costumes right now:(. Sorry.

But Lainy if you want to see the Xmas lights you should come over before January. They take them down either on New Year’s or the day after New Year’s. If you care about Xmas lights lol. Just so you know:)


I may show up this week.

Let me know when they go on full-time. I miss seeing decorations :confused: I’ll visit sometime in December for sure, then.

I like Sanchez’s mustache

I concur

Tomorrow we shall have a gathering from 7pm-4am. Remember there is now a $5 entry fee for the electricity bill. I hope you all can return. Hope to see you all there.

Not to entirely derail anything, but if anyone going tomorrow is interested in a copy of Call of Duty Black Ops for PS3, I’m looking to sell mine. Dropping the $65 for it, and only able to get $35 store credit back is meh.

If anyone’s willing to bite, PM me. I’ll be there tomorrow evening.

I saw Kobe firing a gun in the commercial for Black Ops. WTF?

soon to be 9 - 0


ps name this thread DONS ARCADE - HOME OF LENIN

I can help you. Do you still have your receipt from where you bought it? I bought multiple copyz Call of Duty Black Ops for video 94 to rent for about an avg of $35 from toys r us.

PM me if you want help. If he has not opened all his copys I can give you a sealed one to return for your full money back and you give me your open copy cuz they are gonna open it and rent it anyway. If not, recommend trading it to amazon for $42 and when you get another game it will be tax free & free ship so it does not hurt as much as trading in to a local store, CA sales tax is azz about 10% so add $6 to every $60 game you buy.

If any of you are wanting games for PS3 of XBOX360 I suggest buying them from toys r us until saturday close this week. They give you a $20 gift card for every game you buy $59.99 and above and if you buy in 2s, u get $50 gift card ($25 each game). The catch is the gift cards do not activate until 6 hours later from purchase.

hey don! good to see you having the arcade again. i’m moving back to fresno saturday so I may just drop by. nice to see it running again.

Yeah, I still have the receipt for it from the lamestop I picked it up from. Hit me back with whether or not the guy opened all his copies. Much appreciated for the good lookin’ out.

youre such a cag. lulz

What’s a cag? Never heard that term before lol.

It’s like in Mean Streets where one guy calls some guy a “Mook” but nobody knows what a “Mook” is.

De Niro: “What’s a mook?”

Damn the In N Out drive through takes forever.


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bah 8-1 is still the best in the league.