Don's Arcade aka Astro City: Torrance/Carson Fridays 8pm-3am

Got 4 players from the Valley here who specialize in Vampire Savior, MK9, and MVC3. Vampire Savior night!!!

Rusty as hell but had some fun in SSFIV. Beast Australian player…COMPLETELY different level of play.

Tonight was another monster night with twenty eight people. Thank you everyone for showing up and making it another fun event. It’s amazing that we had one of the top SSF4 players from Australia join us. Thanks for joining us Mike. I hope you enjoy your stay in So Cal. Mike got like 40 wins in a row in SSF4 with Akuma. Not to mention 39 wins in a row in 3S with Chun Li. He brought his A game here tonight. Thank you also Grant, Nick, Edward, and Carlos (The guys who run the MK9 WNF tourney) for showing up and leveling up MK9 at my place. And again thank you Grant, Nick, Edward, Carlos, ALAX, Rob, Secret Character, Kevin, Kong, Richard, Erosentinel, anewbie, Jint, Charlie, Ronnie, Dustin, Mike, Ramiro, Freakmasta, Kazu, Matt, Absolute, Courtney, Galzpanic, Ken, Nick, Lee, and John.

It was fun. Hope everyone had fun. Everyone enjoy memorial day weekend and I hope to see you guys next week:)

So did he get 2 cans of coke for his 40 wins?

I been wanting to go to Dons, but you haven’t hosted on Saturdays lately :frowning:

GGs to everyone last night in MK9, Super Turbo, and VS! I plan on going next week as well! This place awesome. I get to play MK9, Super Turbo and VS. I’ll get used to the American cabs lol

Hello everyone. I was the guy at the Don’s Arcade that had this stick:

I do stick mods in my free time and usually get them done pretty quick, provided you have already paid for everything I need. I can work on stick and probably get them done for you before Revelations if you act fast enough and definitely before EVO. Check me out here and PM me if interested for a customized Hori or Mad Catz stick.

ggs last night to everyone, thanks for having us once again don! toxy is too sick hahaha mk9 was hype as well, thanks for showing me that cyber sub combo nick!

Oh damn, very nice to know one of the stick modders in that thread showed ( will continue to show? ) up to Don. If I ever settle on a theme for my stick, I’ll hit you up, RoyalFlush.

I asked Toxy if he wanted another coke, he declined lol. He even got 39 wins in 3S with Chun Li. I didn’t play him on that streak of course but when I played him later, we went back and forth. We even went back and forth on Super Turbo.

I’ll have a Saturday gathering (not tonight) if at least ten people will guarantee to show up. Last gathering I had on Saturday only seven people showed up. Friday is the hype day when a lot of people go and then I think on Saturday everyone is just exhausted.

Well my Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow of Mystara is playable. The only problem is that I don’t have another cabinet unless I take another game out. And also you could only play two players since I don’t have a four player cabinet.

Here’s a funny cool youtube review of the game just in case you are not familiar with it. Many claim that it’s one of the best arcade rpg’s of all time if not the best:)


why did people let him get those long win streaks? tsktsk :nono:


I would totally play that.

You should probably do something like, hosting on one Saturday out of the month. Gives me enough time to brush up on my A game and scrape up some quarters for that $5 entry fee :smiley:

Hey resres. You should’ve dropped by and try to stop him. I liked it too since there was only one SSF4 setup. There was a line to play him.

I’ll think of a system to try to encourage people to come over Friday and Saturday. I was thinking that if a person paid me $8 on Friday they could come over Saturday without paying. Kinda like a 2 for 1 deal. I’ll think about it.

Thanks for the games everyone!

This may be revisionist history but the more I watch this, the more I realize that rainbow edition was like a prototype for the VS series. The ability to air combo and air special is like everything from XCOA to MVC3. While pressing the start button to switch characters is like tagging.

It’s funny how Capcom stole the ideas for the Versus Series from all the bootleggers lol.

U can mark me down for going Friday Sat, I need the practice

If it came down to it, I’d do a two-for-one thing for Friday and Saturday.

I’ll be doing another MvC3 tourney @ Don’s on Friday.

Tourney Starts @ 11p. Fee will be $2 (or $3 to build pot for ReveLAtions, since I won’t be there next week). Feel free to add more in if you’re generous.

  • Pot split will be based on tourney format.
  • less than 10 people: Round Robin
  • more than 10 people: Double Elim.
    So I don’t forget for double elim:
  • Losers, Winners, and Grand Finals are best of 5. Person coming from Loser’s Bracket has to win 2 sets in Grand Finals.

Since ReveLAtions is next week, I hope to see peeps throw out anything they have this week. I hope this mini-tournament format has helped improve something in your game!

Ok since Revelations is going to be on next week I’ll give you guys an extra day to practice up. I’ll be holding the gathering on both Friday and Saturday.

So $5 fee per person for each day OR if you want to come over on both days just I’ll charge a $8 fee. So you can pay me $8 on Friday and I’ll keep track and you won’t have to pay on Saturday.

So let’s try this.

Sounds gooooood to me. I will see you all Friday this time around for sure.