Don's Arcade Torrance Headquarters (SFIV & 3rd strike casuals) Every Friday 7pm-11pm

Don’s Arcade will be open for business every Friday from 7:00pm to 11:00

Don’s Arcade is basically a garage full of arcade cabinets and we’ll be having SFIV casuals, mostly on arcade style rotations. Sign-up here if you are interested, right now the space is reduced due to so many cabinets.

We’ll have 2+ SFIV setups, xbox360 most likely, and 2 3rd strike cabinets with unblockables.
It’s a family home so there’ won’t be drinking, blazgreen, allowed :arazz:

For now we’ll cap it at like 15 people for SFIV and 5 for 3rd strike, so 20 total, these are outrageous numbers for torrance haha.

---- attendance list JANUARY 29TH----
judotrip’s fat friend

3rd strike
Ark Impulse

Put me down as a definite maybe.

Welcome to Aladdin’s Castle Part 2: The Resurrection

Hi I’m the co-host Don aka Ni8wing. Since Torrance is beyond dead when it comes to an arcade scene, Josh/Phenomenub and I have taken it upon ourselves to pick up the pieces and resurrect what is left. What I call Aladdin’s Castle II is my garage at my home that has two SF4 xbox set ups with tourney sticks and some arcade cabinets. I also have a Japanese Third Strike arcade machine.

So every Friday from 7pm-11pm, we are gonna have SF4 and 3S casuals. Yes a lot of people, including my co-host Josh/Phenomenub think 3S is dead but I’m the host and I like the game and I like to invite people to play 3S. I also like SF4 but if I had to choose between the two it would be 3S.

Here are the rules:

The hours of operation are on Friday 7pm-11pm. We end everything at 11pm. So no one is admitted after 11pm.

No alcohol. No weed. No drugs.

NO CONTROL PADS. We only play on the tourney sticks that I have provided so nobody has to bring in anything. I want to keep it arcade style and plus it’s safer for my xboxes that the control port doesn’t get damaged with the constant changing.

If you are a smoker like some of my guest are then you could smoke outside on the sidewalk and throw your cigarette butt on the gutter of the sidewalk. No one has done it so far and everyone is good about it but please no cigarette butts in my garage. I don’t want to clean that up after you. Thanks.

If you are interested in attending this gathering please PM me your name and number and I will text you back my address. Thanks.

There is an unlimited number of guest but we prefer that you contact us before attending so that we can have an estimate body count of who is going.

Girlfriends are welcomed. I have a Puzzle Fighter machine so they won’t get bored.

When you get there DO NOT KNOCK on the front door. There will be an open wooden gate on the right side of the garage and once you get through the gate there will be a door on the left to get into the garage. It should be obvious since you will see the lights and hear us play. NO MORE KNOCKING ON THE GARAGE.

Arcade Games I have:

Super Turbo
Alpha 2
Third Strike (Japanese cabinet).
Puzzle Fighter
Marvel Vs Capcom 2

And 2 Xbox360 set ups of SF4 each with two tourney sticks (Each with a round 1 and a round 2 tourney stick).

Thank you for all your support and showing interest in the gatherings. I appreciate it.

People in SD please check my friend’s place in San Diego aka The Cave:). He has three arcade cabs. 1 MVC2 and 2 3S.

haha yeah this is a tekken free home rofl

Put me down as a maybe as well…

Wow I actually live close to here. Umm I’m interested … It’s to early in the week to know if I’m free but I’m definately interested.

Where in Torrance?

I go Torrance every other weekend to visit family. If you guys are doing this every week, count me in to come threw whenever I’m down there.

I’ll be there when i get time off, which is the week of jan 20th wed. Glad you finally opening up your place Don!

put me down as maybe too

Everyones a maybe lol

I know this is last minute but I will also have my third strike cabs up in addition to the two SF4 set ups. So anyone in the area who like third strike like I do, come on down. So the games hopefully that will be played seriously tomorrow is SF4 and third strike.

do you guys play anywhere saturday or sunday nights???

Could prolly get something going at Don’s per getting people to show up. Once i get my week off, im also willing to bring an extra setup if need be. Though i know how alot of mofos don’t like playing SF4 on a PS3/Evo monitor setup.

if this becomes a regular thing, i’ll make it next time.


Shout outs to Vortex, my cousin Jblaze, and Dime for showing up and bringing.

Vortex: Thanks for cohosting. When no one shows up, at least you’re there to battle.

Jblaze: Thank for driving all the way down from Palm Springs. Your Gouken rocks.

Dime: Thanks for coming in at the 12th hour and schooling us all with Chun and also dropping the knowledge with the in depth lecture on fighting games.

So we running third strike also. People who are third strike gamers come on down.

thanks for having me, it was fun last night, your arcade setup is great!

GG’s to all of you!


Thanx Don for hosting, jblaze and dimex for the good battles. 3rd strike is a painful game to play haha

Finally have sfiv again, I’ll start practicing and step it up next friday.

Bah I wish I couldve gone :grrr: ah well maybe next friday, I’ll get some fools from around here to go as well

Ahh missed it. I was going to go but Tony213 was hosting a small get together. Like Dime said if this becomes a regular ill be there next time!