Don't BLAME me

I’ve been recently reading BLAME!, a great manga you can check out by CLICKING HERE. The series is filled with all sorts of infernal half-cyborg monsters, which inspired me to try and create one for myself:


awsome picture!!! i really like it, u are really great at coloring!!! just like ur other stuff:p i really like the bg on this one and it has some atmosphere on it too with clouds/ smoke…very very nice!!! i need to practice more in photoshop…

i was wondering? do u use a wacom table or the mouse?? i really like the character too and that site u gave is cool, definately gonna check it out and all the other mangas they have in to :lol:

great stuff, more please :smiley:

I remember Blame. They did come out with some episodes, but they don’t have much movement. Yeah this does look like a monster from there. Good job with the bg man and the monster looks cool.

It looks really cool. Great stuff.