Don't clean your ears with ghetto hotel shop swabs

And if you do watch how deep they go, lest THE FUCKING COTTON DETACH.

Posted while waiting at a Medicentre.

well that sucks

…ouch. Sue them bitches

In other news:

Golf tees: also a no-no.

I did that when I was 2, mind you.

Make no mistake: I’m fully aware of how stupid I was to get in this situation.

B+ thread, I chuckled. Stay free.

Always buy Q-tips, none of that low budget trash called “cotton swabs”.

I put a small crumpled piece of paper in my ear once. When I was in pre-school mind you. My mom took me to the doctor to get it out. Doctor pulls out these tweezers that had looped handles like scissors. So my five year old self flipped the fuck out. I thought they were going to cut my ear off so I started fighting the doctor. Doctor and nurse restrain me strapping me to what was almost like a straight jacket but blue and attached to the table. They got the thing out in seconds and everything was OK after all.

Once had a little smiley face sticker stuck in my left ear canal.

My mom had to pull it out with some tweezers. Hurt like hell.

They’re going to “syringe it out.” It involves water somehow. GOOD TIMES.

Yup. Lesson learned.

Did you give the doctors an earful?

I stole a sticker like that once. Perhaps if I’d a thunk to smuggle it within my ear canal, I’d not have gotten caught. :tup:

It’s out! I will never hate on Christmas again. Though fuck Christmas.

The water thing was pleasant. Cleaned my ear real good-like.

… I guess this thread is over.

Fuck Sonic CD. Overrated shit piece.

WTF son how deep are you diggin when you go in there?


I thought people knew ghetto anything must be avoided unless absolutely necessary.


The whole Q-tip thing is a scam. You aren’t supposed to clean the inside of your ears. The wax is supposed to be there. Using a swab can actually be bad because you can push the wax further into your ear then it’s supposed to go.

I’ve ended up pushing wax further into my ear enough times for me to just buy a cleaning kit. It has drops and an irrigation bulb in it. Just don’t get too zealous with blasting water in there.

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dammit i tried looking on youtube so i could post the rugrats ear wiz thing that drew invented as a suggestion but alas youtube has failed me again

If only this topic was made sooner.
I have so much wax in my right ear, I can barley hear from that side. IT FUCKIN’ SUCKS!!

Need some kind of medicine and shit to get that stuff out… .GAWH!!
Stupid shitty… Q TIPS!!