Don't EVER interrupt mah Kung Fu: LEI FEI THREAD


Discuss your shaolin tactics here.

COMBROS! Credit goes toAlexMD at VFDC.

Note, two buttons typed right next to each other (e.g., “pkg”) indicates a simultaneous press.

Weight classes as follows:

Super Light Weight: Eileen,El Blaze
Light Weight: Aoi,Sarah,Shun,Pai,Lion,Vanessa
Middle Weight: Lau,Kage,Lei,Brad,Goh
Heavy Middle Weight: Akira,Jacky,Jean
Heavy Weight: Dural,Jeffry,Wolf
Super Heavy Weight: Taka

4pp is best damage post small bound ender,there are probably a number of combos listed here that can be ended with 4pp for a little more damage
pk,p into stance mixups is another good bound ender
p,466pk seems to do more damage post bound in some scenarios

Lei Fei Combos VF5 Final Showdown Version A

p,4pk,3p pkg,kk (80) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid-heavy(ch only)
6pk p pkg,6p,kg p (87) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid(open)-heavy(counter hit open stance)
p,3p pkg,6p,kg p (86) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid-heavy(counter hit closed stance)
kg,k p,p pk (86) superlight-light
kg,k p,p,466pk (90) superlight-light
p,3p pkg,pp2k (72) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid-heavy

6pk p pkg,kk (70) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid(Jean,Jacky open only)
p,3p pkg,kk (69) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid-heavy
p,3p pkg,6p,kg p (87) superlight-light(open)
6pk p,kg p (73) superlight-light-mid

4pk,3p pkg,6p,kg p (88) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid(open only)
4pk,3p pkg,ppk (77) superlight-heavy closed
4pk,3p pkg,pp2k (74) superlight-light-mid
4pk,1pk,kg p (80)superlight-light-mid-heavy mid-heavy

fc 6p
2p,3p pkg,ppp (74) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid-heavy
p,3p pkg,pp2k (74) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid-heavy
33pp,kg p (75) superlight-light-mid(closed)-heavy mid

p,3pp,wall 66k or466pk (76) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid-heavy
p,kg p (56) heavy
p,2pk p (55) heavy
p,3p pkg,kk (64) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid
p6p,kk (65) superlight
p,3p pkg,6p,kg,p (82) superlight

p,3p pkg,kk (61) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid-heavy
p,3p pkg,pp2k (65) superlight(open)-light(open)
p,6pk p pkg,kk (67) superlight(open)-light(open)
p,46p,kg p (67) superlight-light-mid(open)heavy mid(open)
p,46p,p,kg p (70) superlight(closed)-light(closed)

2pkg,p pk,kg p (4pp+2) (70) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid(open)
2pkg,p pk,43pk (61) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid(open)
2pkg,pp,kk (65) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid-heavy
p,46p,4pp (70) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid
p,6pk p pkg,kk (68) superlight(closed)-light(closed)

kg p (57)

8kg (ch)

kg,p (56) superlight-light

k p,p pk (71) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid-heavy(open)
2pkg pp,kk (65) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid-heavy(closed)end combo with kg in either stance

koko shiki p
4pk,3p pkg,6p,4pp (88) superlight(open)-light
4pk,1pk,kg p (80) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid-heavy

4pkg, pk
4pk,3p pkg,6p,4pp (88) superlight-light
4pk,1pk,kg p (78) superlight-light-mid-heavy mid-heavy

1pkg,22,k (can struggle)
6pk pkg,p pk,3pp

1pkg k (opponent can struggle)
6pk,p pkg,6p,kg p

6pk,p,p natural combo
p6pp natural combo

6p (side counter hit on taka) pkg,6p,kg p
6k (side counter hit)2kpp
6pk pkg(side counter)hai shiki p pk

66p,466pk,1pk,4pk,3p pkg,6p,4pp,3pp,466pk (120)
66p,466pk,1pk,4pk,3p pkg,6p(g cancel stance),p,43pk (112)
66p,466pk,1pk,4pk,3p pkg,ppp,8pkg kg (112)

Courtesy of Bulldancer, info on moves that end in stances:

[LEFT]Normal Stance[/LEFT]
P 6P-Dokuritsu Shiki
66K(Hold)-Dokuritsu Shiki
K+G Dokuritsu Shiki
4K+G K Dokuritsu Shiki

P 6P PP -Hai Shiki
43P –Hai Shiki
K-Hai Shiki
6P+K P+K+G Hai Shiki
K+G P Hai Shiki

3P P+K+G Kyo Skiki
P+K P P+K+G Kyo Shiki
6P+K P P+K+G Kyo Shiki

6K Koko Shiki
2P+K P Koko Shiki
9P+K P Koko Shiki
66K+G Koko Shiki

2P+K Nehan Shiki

33K+G K Suirakan Shiki

VF5:FS Game Play Discussion Thread | Character Directory
Lei Fei Thread

Excellent first post!


I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t played Virtua Fighter since #2 for the Sega Saturn. I got this for free as a Playstation Plus member and holy crap am I impressed with how much pure fun this is to play. I took a liking to Lei Fei due to the Shaolin style Kung Fu and this combo list made my night! Can’t wait to get to practicing. If anyone bought a costume pack for your character, we should post some screenshots here too.


I love to watch a good Lei Fei but all his stances make me afraid I’ll never ever learn him…


is lei fei still considered the newb friendly fighter? lots of flashy stuff you can do easily but in the end very shallow?

also is the cringe-inducing loli notation standard for vf? I don’t think people were using it in the vf2 days…


He’s only really noob-friendly against inexperienced players because he has some strings that require some getting used to, but knowledgeable players with decent reactions can deal with them pretty easily. At a high level, you really have to know all your options, how to maintain frame advantage, when to cancel strings and stances, when to use sabakis, etc.

Numerical notation has been the standard notation for most 3D fighters for a long time, I think. It’s been in use since at least as far back as SC1.


I got up to 5th Dan with Lei but I’m having the hardest time implimenting stances in a heated match.

I guess this question poses to Soakrates, although any answer would help…

Are there stances you’d rate as utmost important over some others that I’ll gradually work into later on?


people were using numerical for vf since the newsgroup days when people had to jack JP movelists and strats


I personally think Kyo stance is the most powerful (the one he goes into after 6P, P+K+G or 3P P+K+G). It’s got 2K as an annoying (if a little slow) low, P for a quick high that gives +3 on block, a string with quick mid/low mix-up, a full circular that can score big damage on counter hit, P+K for massive frame advantage, etc. Against someone who uses this stance really well, the opponent has to make some tough guesses.

I personally like to use 6P P+K+G to enter the stance, since it gives +4 on block as you enter the stance. If they try to 2P, Kyo K can interrupt them if you do it right away. Also, Kyo K is safe if blocked, but you’re at a pretty big disadvantage at -8. Kyo KK is very unsafe, obviously. Alternatively you can also enter Dokuritsu (8P+K+G) to auto-counter 2P if you think they’ll try it.

Dokuritsu is also pretty good. It has a pretty good mid/low mixup with 2K and the other mid options. P6P is the most reliable way to enter this stance in my experience, since it leaves Lei Fei at +1. Dokuritsu 4K is a pretty good fast half-circular, even though it hits high, and 4KK gives +2 on block. Against PPP and 2P spammers, I recommend hesitating ever so slightly every once in a while to try to bait a punch and land the counter. If you can make the opponent freeze, canceling this stance into a throw is also pretty effective.

Hai stance is kind of a weird stance that I’m still trying to figure out. Standing K at advantage can be pretty good at times because K is half-circular and a special high, so it will beat low punches. Hai P, P+K is one of my favorite strings right now. P is 10 frames, making it one of the fastest moves in the game, and the follow-up P+K gives +9 on block, +12 on hit and a massive +21 on counter hit, which guarantees 66P and possibly some other moves. 6P+K, P+K+G enters this stance at 0 on block, so that’s been the most useful transition for me so far.

I haven’t experimented with Bokutai very much, but I really like Bokutai 3K. Crushes guard for +5 on block and on hit you get K+G, P on most characters for a solid 56 damage. Not to mention you can delay it in case they try to evade. I like to use this a lot for frame traps. It the opponent blocks close enough, it puts you at good range for 6P+K, 66P, etc.

Koko stance has two really strong sabakis that can beat almost any move. Koko P beats most mids and guarantees at least 60 or so damage, and K is good if they get wise and try to go low. If they start to evade, try waiting a bit and then punish them with K if the evade fails. This stance puts you in a bit of a risk/reward situation, but it can really pay off.

There’s actually a more detailed post on Lei’s stances here:’ve%20learned%20so%20far%20using#Post326267

I’m not a great Lei player by any means but this has worked well enough for me so far, and seems fairly consistent with what I’ve seen other top Japanese Lei players do. Hope this helps!


Great write up! I really got into Lei for a while in Vanilla, was bored one day and decided to try quest mode with a new character and found him really fun. Haven’t had much chance to play this one yet, any tips on the transition to FS Lei?


Some of the basic tactics from vanilla VF5 carry over, but he’s changed so much you’ll almost have to treat him as an entirely new character. Also, I dunno why the hell I said Kyo 2K was slow in that last post. 23 frames is pretty fast for a low attack.


Definitely helpful, Soakrates. Thanks!


Is it just me or does Lei have the worst match-up against Brad? I know I’m still learning and it’s unique in itself but against any Brad player I’m at a loss.

Kage is the next real pain for me. He’s a solid threat for a lot of Lei’s moveset but he’s got so many gimmicks. Hard to really lockdown into doing the next crazy shit.


With Brad, looks for holes in his pressure game, and hit him with 236P+K. It’s an excellent deflect move, and forces the Brad player to be more careful with his strings. Also, if they’re jabbing a lot during their pressure, just go into Dokiritsu when you get the chance. I find that these 2 tools work wonders against Brad.

I can’t help you with Kage. I haven’t played against any good ones yet, so I’m not sure how to properly fight against him yet.


I’ll have to try out that 236P+K, thanks! As for stances, I’ve read up a bit on them but have a hard time still trying to naturally flow into them without getting interrupted.

Shouts to Soakrates, watched one of your matches at Southtown on an old stream (March, I think?). Mug switches stances so smoov, big props bruv!


Hah, thanks man. Those videos aren’t very representative of how I play, now that I’ve spent some time with the game. I managed to go 3-2 at the last STA tourney, which is the best I’ve done yet. Still lost to haunts though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Edited the OP with a list of moves that end in stances, courtesy from Bulldancer. Thanks man!