Don't Fall for any future OWS movements. Proof inside

All Taken from a private forum.

On the 15th October 2011 begun the worldwide action. For the first time in history, upwards of 15 million people in sixty countries marched together for a “global change”. Their official website is:
Someone decided to find out who owns that domain name by visiting this site: (This is a database with a searchable list of every single domain currently registered in the world).

Created mid-july

Paulina Arcos
Suite 516
New York, New York 10017
United States

Who is she? I googled her name and i couldn’t find many infos, but i found out that she is Francisco Carrion Mena (permanent representative of Ecuador, chairman of the special committee at the UN) 's wife.

On the 19th October, the WHOIS Information is been changed. In fact the registrant now is:
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
…as you can check here:

What is ???

“Adbusters” was originally formed thanks to an initial $185,000 GRANT from a very shady and questionable non-profit organization domiciled in San Francisco CA calling themselves the ""Tides Center.

All OWS financial needs are thus paid by “Tides” with a legal straw man entity called “ADBUSTERS”.


We learn from -, that "Tides has managed project and grantmaking activities totaling more than $2 billion.

In 2010, Tides had assets of approximately $267.6 million and managed project and grantmaking activities of approximately $243.5 million, including $86.2 million in financial activities for our fiscally sponsored nonprofit projects and $157.3 million in grantmaking and related activities. Tides also managed $26 million in real-estate related assets committed to the promotion of green nonprofit centers in 2010."

So, besides O.W.S. what other “project activities” is TIDES FOUNDATION involved in? Can we find out who donates these millions to “Tides”?

In order to maintain “non-profit” (non tax) basis, the IRS requires tax-exempt foundations such as “Tides” to publish “disclosures”. Here we see that millions of dollars have been donated to “Tides” from something called the “Open Society” which we then find to be a wholly owned foundation of Mr. George Soros.

This picture was the INNITIAL Sept. 17 Day of Rage Occupy Wall Street Logo:

It is a original Bolshevik ‘hammer and sicle’ symbol of the 1917 revolution

It’s on a lot of Soviet Union memorablia like post stamps:

And in 1952 a Bronze statue sculpted by Evgeniy Vuchetich was donated to the UN by the Soviet Union

I aint reading that shit. Too tired.
Gimme a TLDR.


**George Soros + **
Open Society Foundation +

** Tides Foundation “**#OccupyWallStreet is a people’s movement, inspired by thoughtful and nonviolent actions taken around the world this year from Spain’s indignado youth encampments, to the diverse revolutions of the Arab Spring, and defense of public unions in Wisconsin”

+ Adbusters

= Occupy Wall Street.


I don’t really think 96% of protestors know anything about this, and are only in it for the cause. I’m whatevs on the whole thing though.

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what in the propaganda is this?

I wish those damn Mayans were right. Just get this shit over with, tired of hearing about occupy and people claiming they are going to have their goals met through occupying.

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also stop acting like the premise of why I am getting heat isn’t the subject matter at hand. If I had put this into the occupy wall street thread, I’d be getting trolled just the same.

Also its a problem with your own aptitude if you cant see a problem with the a UN officials wife registering the domain in mid july, 2 months before the general awareness knew what occupy was, and then her having switched to somebody/somewhere else a few days after occupy to conceal her families involvement.


"Tides allows donors to anonymously contribute money to a variety of causes – and thereby avoid public accountability for their donations. The donor simply makes the check out to Tides and instructs the Foundation where to forward the money. Tides does so, often keeping as much as ten percent of the total amount for “charitable advisory fees.” This allows high-profile individuals to fund extremist organizations by “laundering” their money through Tides, leaving no paper trail. Founder Drummond Pike referred to his organization as “a convenient vehicle with squeaky clean books.”

*** The entities the Tides Foundation has chosen to fund are overwhelmingly leftwing***" (occupy is a leftwing movement)

Soros funds Tides. Tides donated money to these guys.

Adbusters is a media foundation based in Vancouver British Columbia.


"The Adbusters Media Foundation is a Canadian-based not-for-profit, anti-consumerist, pro-environment[1] organization founded in 1989 by Kalle Lasn and Bill Schmalz in Vancouver, British Columbia. Adbusters describes itself as “a global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age.

soros funds tides, tides funds adbusters, who want to advance social activism. How hard is that to understand?

You are pretty much the definition of a plebeian. Even with this post which is more concise than the original OT, still leaves a lot of questions.

You can’t even type in adbusters yourself and find out its actually on wikipedia than I don’t know what to say man.

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Who cares? The people are still standing up for what they believe in. If our goals and phantom donor organization of left wing nazi communist space people republic of rape also have the same goals, does it really matter?

Created On:09-Jun-2011 18:25:48 UTC
Last Updated On:09-Aug-2011 03:50:12 UTC
Expiration Date:09-Jun-2012 18:25:48 UTC
Sponsoring, Inc. (R91-LROR)
Registrant ID:CR85243141
Registrant Name:Kalle Lasn
Registrant Street1:1243 7th West
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Vancouver
Registrant State/Province:British Columbia
Registrant Postal Code:V6H 1B7
Registrant Country:CA

Domain ID:D162338118-LROR
Domain Name:OCTOBER2011.ORG
Created On:22-May-2011 18:56:49 UTC
Last Updated On:22-Jul-2011 03:49:37 UTC
Expiration Date:22-May-2012 18:56:49 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:GKG.NET, INC. (Formerly GK Group L.L.C.) (R164-LROR)
Registrant ID:GKG-C00000B324
Registrant Name:David Swanson
Registrant Organization:David Swanson
Registrant Street1:707 Gillespie Ave
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Charlottesville
Registrant State/Province:Virginia
Registrant Postal Code:22902
Registrant Country:US

From 2000 to 2003, Swanson was the communications coordinator for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).
He served as press secretary for Dennis Kucinich’s 2004 presidential campaign.

Swanson does paid work for various peace and justice groups, including creating websites and organizing campaigns. Most recently, Swanson has been working on Velvet Revolution’s campaign to oppose the United States Chamber of Commerce and its CEO Tom J. Donohue,[10] and October 2011.[11][12]

@Jon Slayton**

Because if you goto OWS or even give it any attention at all, you’re progressing other peoples causes. What you personally believe in does not become a reality by translation of you donating your time and energy into somebody elses vehicle for change.


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This is exactly my point though. If both parties have the same goal for reform then there’s nothing wrong. Things like this HAVE to be funded, so they money has to come from somewhere.

I personally don’t support OWS, I feel like they’re directionless and a lot of the people involved don’t even know why they are really there, other than it’s just trendy and revolution sounds cool. If they had a clear purpose and these protests were really out to achieve something, then maybe they would have my support, but I’m not really sure what they expect to change with what they’re doing. The rich are going to do what they want to unless people organize in ways that strike back at corporations (ie: boycotting, etc). Why would they care if a bunch of college kids sat outside their office? Just walk past them, drive away in your expensive luxury car, and laugh.

So I should like George Soros?

I posted in this thread.

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so was that statue of the man who invented communism with his bare hands?

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