"Don't Forget About Me!" Michelle Chang Thread


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  • Added natural combo strings


Oh man… I find myself doing a stupid amount of damage with the Mishima’s especially when wall damage is involved - Michelle operates really well with them. I can generate a lot of synergy with Michelle/Miharu as well.
For mix ups be sure to continue use of 1,2 OR d,df+1 > 3 (or 4 if you’re going to the right of your opponent) (Wind Roll) - During Wind Roll, Michelle has a ton of options for mix-ups and getting easy CH’s. Press 1 for a high hitting attack (the attack you would use during a juggle combo) - on CH, the opponent will fall slowly to the ground - that’s when Michelle can make her opponent suffer. Or you can resort to 3 and then 1 for a two hit attack (both of hits are mid and become a natural combo if the first kick is a counter hit. That’s easy damage and spacing opportunities). Last, you can resort to 4 for a low hit (it is seeable but still not particularly easy to react to). When you are close to your opponent, don’t hesitate to attempt throws every once in a while and you can use d+3 for quick low poke to hurt your opponent. After a knockdown, be prepared to set up another mix up, tag out, or defend another incoming attack (like a Tag Crash - Michelle can punish those easily - more props to you if there is a wall nearby). Now… It’s about time I tested Michelle out with other characters like Raven, Armor King… maybe things like Leo.

Those of you who are curious about Michelle’s outlook and her ending in TTT2, take a look at this video… Michelle is so ridiculously cute…


:eek: I might come talk to you about this, because I’ve got this team on the back burner just because learning Miharu is taking me a while.

I’m sure they’ve got great setups off each other and come to think of it, Miharu probably covers Michelle’s generally poor oki.

And yes.

She is incredicute.


Okay. Now let’s get to work: Michelle/Miharu breakdown.
Yep. It’s true. They do compliment each other (and Xiaoyu, too). What happens is… that Michelle has a very poor oki game. Meaning, it is hard for Michelle to capitalize with anything when the opponent is already off the ground. So most players will end up KBDing or spacing them selves away from the grounded opponent so that she plan for her next mix up and keep safe pressure. Miharu is a character that has a lot of tricks up her sleeve (and a freakin’ camera). Miharu is a Xiaoyu clone, with
very obvious differences: Miharu’s fighting style is based on a much older variation of Xiaoyu’s fighting style (meaning you can go either, but I am using Miharu as a reference sense I play her more). Miharu can easily sweep the opponent off the ground and her oki game quite better compared to Michelle’s. The problem is however, Miharu does not dish anywhere near as much damage by herself as Michelle does. Michelle can help Miharu in that aspect. Both Miharu and Michelle have
a LOAD of tag bufferable launchers and very nice juggle combos. Michelle does extra damage with her own juggles though, which makes a bit more powerful in the combo department. Here is the idea. Those of you who are playing Miharu/Xiaoyu, PLEASE use her speed and her 1+4 parries. Miharu/Xiaoyu’s
parry work SORT OF similarly to how Jin Kazama’s work but the amount of advantage after conducting a parry is… “obvious” (the opponent will flinch a bit, giving Miharu/Xiaoyu an edge). Use Miharu’s/Xiaoyu’s parry for high/mids and be ready to teach throw… (Don’t hesitate to take pictures either- Miharu enjoys those XD… Just kidding).
Here is a scenario:
Miharu can whiff punish just as easily as Michelle can. df+2~1 is a good start for a launcher (two hits, pretty quick, hits mid). Miharu’s most damaging launchers would be things like AOP (Art of Phoenix) > d+1+2 or ub+3+4. After Miharu’s launcher, you can go for f3,1 (back turn), 2,2 (BOUND/TA!). If you didn’t bother with TA!, you
can go back into AOP (she turns back around), then u+3,3 to finish the combo. It’s going to be a little difficult to do a TA! with Michelle if Miharu has too many hits before then because some of her attacks will whiff. This does not become much of an issue for Michelle. Hell, Miharu can just default to her regular
TA! (which is ub+3+4) and Michelle can finish the combo with a ISW or a wall splat>wall combo. Both Michelle and Miharu can come up with really diabolical schemes. Other TA! fillers for Miharu would be f+2,2,3 (which works particularly well on walled opponents). Otherwise, if there is no wall and if Michelle has one too
many hits you need to resort to f+2,2 her default TA!. Miharu does a lot of lows but keep in mind that Michelle has a lot to offer for low hitting moves as well. Ah! Miharu can use her Rain Dance (b+3+4) to avoid some attacks and turn her back towards the opponent. She can go into AOP from here. She can also launch with 4 or b+3+4>b+3+4 which is also tag bufferable and a good high crush. As for Miharu’s oki, she can use f+3 to hit the opponent off the ground for an combo. Miharu can also have a good old time catching people backrolling with AOP > f+2,1 or f+2,1… uf+3+4 can also bound the opponent for Michelle to use her
TA!. Michelle can also set Miharu up with for another AOP (Miharu can run towards her opponent while Michelle pummels her opponent with d+2,3,1 or db+2,2 - when Michelle runs, use 3 and she will go into AOP immediately and then you can go from there).

Both Michelle and Miharu have a lot in common. For example, they both have really nice defensive options. They also have a lot of mix ups to confuse and seriously hurt the opponent for good damage. Michelle and Miharu can move really fast and they both have the ability to maximize damage with the wall. So they can operate well within
walled stages. Miharu purpose is to help Michelle provide extra mix-ups. Miharu’s secondary purpose is to help Michelle with her oki game and play mind games with the opponent. There is going to be a video update to provide even more insight on what Michelle and Miharu are capable of.


:eek: Also, for anyone who would like some supplemental information, please refer to the following:



I recently downloaded a replays of Michelle from a well known player known as “ThatsHot”! A few days later, I actually ENCOUNTER him in the World Arena. I challenged him to test my own Michelle against his - I didn’t stand a chance, he had a Michelle/Jaycee team.
First of all: Michelle having a weak oki game is WRONG. Michelle is known for having extremely quick attacks. Back rolling is NEVER a good idea in this scenario, especially if you a going against Michelle. Michelle can still smack you around even while you’re on the ground. I only managed to touch him with Miharu but his Michelle/Jaycee mowed right through my team.
ThatsHot taught me a lot of things during the fight it self. He’s really awesome:

  • WS1 is one of Michelle safest launchers… If you use b+3 once, you’ll still be in a crouching position. Just press 1 - it’s a mid.
  • df4,2,3 and df4,2bf2 are both good combos for walls and catching opponents off guard easily on CH. Very damaging.
  • f+1 is one of Michelle’s best tools… even for oki and opening the opponent.
  • If you’re fighting against any good Michelle players… DO NOT BACK ROLL IF SHE IS NEARBY. SHE WILL DESTROY YOU. Meaning, SHE GETS FULL COMBOS OFF OF THESE.
  • uf+3,4 is not safe on guard, but they both hit mid and you can cause problems by inputting 1 after the hop kicks to push your opponent away (uf+3,4,1)
  • db+2,2 is not safe but still good on CH and tag bufferable. Don’t rely on this too much. The opponent would have to be reckless to fall for this.
  • For oki, Michelle can resort to d+1+2, b+3, d+3, db+3, f+2… and, of course, f+1.
  • Don’t hesitate to use d,df+2 when see your opponent being reckless or doing something unsafe: It’s a nasty whiff punisher. Tag bufferable, hits high, fast, and easy to follow up with.
  • Wind Roll (3+4 or u+3+4) to 1 is very good on CH. The opponent will crumple as a result. Michelle can pretty much have her way with her opponent from there.
  • Wind Roll in general is a trustworthy tool - d,df+1 and 1,2 can go into such a move. d,df+1, 3~4,1+2 is a pretty nasty mix ups because the 4 will outright sweep the opponent, while Michelle shoulder bashes them away for some space… or you can get a set up off of the 4 as well.
  • SS+1 is also very nice.

Guys, be sure to check out a player known as “ThatsHot” - he plays pretty frequently online. There more videos coming this way…


:eek: Yeah, ThatsHot has been top since the game dropped online and there was a point where he was actually top 3, I think.

His play is so immaculate and I’ve been trying to gleam some things from it. I should still have some of his replays on my PS3. Good job playing him, though.


HelloooooooOOOO!!! Got some nice Michelle game play here. This is a particularly long video. The first two matches consists of some high functional Michelle game play. The first match was with Jaycee as a Tag Partner and while the other had Nina. Nina sounds like an ideal tag partner for the likes of Michelle - in facts it sounds kind of funny… and evil. We all know what Nina is capable of, and Michelle is dangerous as it is. Here I present TTT2 Game Play footage!!


I never thought that Michelle could combo into her isw so easily. I found a video that every Michelle will most certainly enjoy. We got some practical combos for Michelle Chang! Get your pads and sticks ready!



<p><a href=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HQn2OoJUuU”>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HQn2OoJUuU</a> <br>(Casual Match with another Michelle/Jun player)</p><p><a href=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAVAkeg0YrM”>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAVAkeg0YrM</a> <br>(Michelle wants to defeat Kazuya and Lee… Miharu wants to take pictures)<br><br><br>Here is a special match I had about a month ago in the World Arena - this is want I was talking about a little earlier in the thread. My fight against Thatshot!<br><a href=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSD7j62ZSwE”>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSD7j62ZSwE</a></p>


1: Asuka: CH db+4,3 > (tag Michelle): > d,df+1~4,1 > d,df+1~4,1 > b+1 (TA! Asuka = df+1,4) > isw = 112 damage [details=Spoiler]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEAlw_aq2RY [/details]
2: Michelle: df+2,1 > (tag Asuka): > 2,1,1+2 (TA! Michelle d+2,3,1) (wall) f,f+2,1 = 94 damage ----- [spoiler ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKQ6eIJQF70 [/details]
3: Asuka: f+2, db+4,3 > (tag Michelle) d,df+1~4,1+2 (TA! Asuka b+2,4,3) (wall) df+4,2,3 = 93 damage ----- [details=Spoiler]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9YQd5eQJks [/details]
4: Asuka: CH db+4,3 > (tag Michelle) f+3~1, df+3, ff+1, d,df+1~4,1+2 (TA! Asuka df+1,4) > isw = 117 damage ----- [details=Spoiler]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjfmj7ddIOo [/details]
5: Asuka: CH bd+4,3 > (tag Michelle) d,df+1~4,1 > d,df+1~4,1 > d,df+1,2W! (TA! Asuka = df+1,4) df4,2,3 = 122 damage ----- [details=Spoiler]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pniswqM8fs [/details]
6: Asuka: f+2 > db+4,3 > (tag Michelle) d,df+1~4,1+2 (TA! Asuka = B+2,4,3) > isw = 94 damage ----- [details=Spoiler]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pm-W_RS_wU [/details]


Man haven’t been here in forever. So Vandy from TN was at the Dallas tourny yesterday and he used double chang’s and man they were tricky as hell in the beginning cause never really played a legit chang players. Didn’t realize how good the spin with them were. wow.


Two videos - Me testing out Michelle and Asuka


Yeah, Chang spins are rough. I always freeze up.

Unless I’m playing Yoshimitsu. :smiley:

But then they just stop spinning and start throwin bows. D:


Yeah and I had to play Devil Jim a houston Julia and Jun player in the grand finals. Man was tough as hell but pulled out the win =).


Present for everyone!




Alright now it time for a long awaited update:

Michelle’s best CH strings options:
df+423 (be careful, because the last hit of this move is a HIGH)
1~4,1(This is mandatory)
ddf+21 (This string is hit confirmable, so even if the opponent blocks, you can still cause them problem by delaying last hit of this string)
1+2,4bf+1+2 (This is actually Michelle’s best wall ender for extra damage, but you can still utilize this as a CH string)
111 (Scrub killing string)
114 (The last hit is a low)
d41 (The last hit is tag bufferable)

Think about these moves while Michelle has her Netsu on.

Also, I had Michelle put on showcase after my most recent tournament months back - Made a very… crazy comeback in the first round with her.
Here is some more Michelle Chang game play




Present for all Michelle players:




I updated the pros and cons a bit. While I’m here, I am going to showcase some possible frame traps.
The moves that Michelle is plus frames on are:

  • WS21 = +1 frames
  • b4 = +1 frames
  • db1+2,1 = +1
  • WR/fff+1 = +7 frames

You get a lot of benefits from using ff1, even if the opponent blocks it.
Michelle’s qcf12 is completely hit confirmable. Her qcf2 is one of her safe launchers due to push back (it is -8 frames on block), but be careful about using it because it is high hitting launcher. Also, qcf2 will crush other high moves.


Here is a very recent match (God… I have not posted here in a long while):

For recommended Tag partners for Michelle in particular:
Lingharu works very well with Michelle - it would usually be best tag out after Lingharu’s df2~1 launcher. The reason for this is so that Michelle get an easy 95 damage. Remember that 90 damage is equivalent to half life to one tag character.
Anna is also a great because Michelle can follow up easily after Anna’s df2, d32 (the latter string being tag bufferable after the initial df2 launcher - follow up with Michelle’s ff1).
Other characters to keep in mind are Bruce, Lars, any Mishima, Jin, Nina, Jaycee, Marduk, and Armor King for example. In fact, the Changs in general showcase a lot of utilities for most characters.
WS2(2) is plus frames on block if you hold down and delay the 2. WS3 is a very safe mid. SS2 high crushes and is a relatively safe mid. Use d3 as a quick low! Make occasional use of Michelle’s throw game (Mad Axes included) - you can use her df1+2 to put the opponent in a awkward situation after the throw. Use f3~1 as a whiff punish from a far (this is a high - keep that in mind).
After Mad Axes, you can follow up with things like 4~21, d1+2, ff1, ff2, d,df12, etc…
A great combo for Michelle to use IF SHE IS ON POINT WITH JAYCEE BEING THE ANCHOR, Michelle should resort this combo:
launcher Shot Gunx2, d,df1~41+2 TA! Jaycee: FC df43, Michelle: isw. If you started the combo with a hope kick, you get EXACTLY 90 damage. The reason I say make use of Jaycee’s FC df43 instead of the bridge (her db1+21+2) is because Michelle herself will only get damage in the high 80’s. If you use FC df43 instead, you get 90 damage, which is half life.
Continue to blow up the opponents defense with isw when they get overly turtle-y towards (not a word but you understand)…
More to follow up with later -