Don't Forget!

On Thursday, August 11th, the world’s greatest fighting game players will begin to assemble in Las Vegas.

If you’re too busy to register online, you’ll get the chance to stare at the back of their heads for a few hours. If you get smart and register in advance, you can spend that same time hooking up with old friends, playing against everyone you’ve read about, or kicking it on the Strip.

No worries either way, but just thought it was worth reminding everyone to pre-register if you can. See everyone in a week!

PS- also please do not forget to wash. Protip.


Deodorant! LOTS OF IT!

I’ll be in Vegas about 8:30 Thursday and I already pre registered and prepaid so I’m lightyears ahead of the mindless masses of scrubs that will be attending. In fact, I may go down to the line of idiots and harass them with a beer or two just to pass some time Thursday night. However, this is probably going to get old after an hour or so, so I was wondering where there are going to be games? The casual play isn’t going to be allowed until Friday so where the party at?


I was just wonderin, I pre registered online, just paid 20 bucks though cause i only wanna watch, is there anything i have to bring to prove that i pre-registered? My flight will be in LasVegas on friday at around 4:00pm so will i still be able to get in at that time? if anyone knows anythin, help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. I just don’t wanna show up on at 4:00 and have someone tell me i can’t get in.

This would be a problem if you were entering the tournaments, because we’re finishing the brackets on Thursday and running a lot of matches on Friday (so everyone who wants to be in those brackets needs to be there on Thursday). Since you’re not entering tournaments, it’s no problem.

You’ll be a bit of a special case, but just explain the situation to anyone at the command post and it will be fine.


I already pre-registered and pre-paid in full…this is a really good idea and should be used for future evos. Okay…my flight comes in 11 am on Friday. Will I be too late to enter tournaments?

if you get the unlucky draw of having a pool at 930-1130am you will be screwed =(

Mr. Wiz,

I was wondering can I register online and pay on Friday August 12, 2005 in person, if not can I pay with my debit card? can I sent a money order instead of paying with my credit card, I don’t have paypal as well …and I’m afraid I won’t make it on time on Thursday night to pay

you don’t have to have a paypal account to use it, you can use your debit card thats what i did

Same question here. What do I have to show/bring to prove that I pre-registered?

photo id would seal the deal

Take plent of gum also for those people with stank ass breath. :smile:

Heyy MrWiz, I have a question too. My brother was going to pay for me with he’s Debit. But he’s not going to Evo, How would that work out. I mean, if he’s name is on the pay list could I still be able to use my Licence Or ID because I was the one going?

its the srk acct name in conjunction with your registered name, not who the payment is under.

If someone only filled in their SRK handle, but not their name, would you still be able to validate them at the door?

Also, we don’t have to bring a printout of our registration, do we?

since you guys are complaining about body ordor so much. why don’t you just bring some fabreeze and spray down the stinky scrubs. :bgrin:

good idea.

we should make a febreeze booth and force smelly noobs into it.

we can have a “stink guard” …hire 2 or 3 really huge bouncer types and whenever someone triggers the smellometer, the guard is sent to escort them to the febreeze booth.



Notice how it’s only the scrubs that happen to stink up the place. :stuck_out_tongue: Kinky. I want evidence that suggests that Choi or Valle at one time stunk up the arcade.

Everybody and their mother emphasises that deoderant is necessary to a happy and smell-free gaming experience. Make it happen.