Don't get embarrased, evo isn't free to just watch anymore

Just making sure everyone knows, because me and alot of other people were under the impression that it was free just like last year.

Is all this free?
Not exactly. There is a $20 cover charge to attend EVO2K4.

If you’ve seen this sorry, but this is for people like me who don’t like to read.

wow, i bypassed it too. that changes a lot of shit. RipDaJackerJR will not be able to attend this year =[ =[ =[.

C.fp to the Cannons :mad:

I like going to Evo. I really appreciate what Ink and Ponder and all of the SRK staff are trying to do.

However, for $20, I wouuld like to see some bitches dancing in cages or something.

But I had already been planning on entering a tournament, so the charge is nothing new to me.

But still, go-go girls = good.

Damn, it’s only $20… don’t be a cheap ass bastage…

it wasnt free last year…everybody paid the extra 20$

That doesn’t really make scense… Yeah, it was an’ extra 20 bucks IF you join. But if you didn’t join last year, you got to watch/record for free. Now it’s not free to watch/record matches. But I see what you mean, though. =]

Ink did say there would be “surprises” @ this year’s evo. Maybe this is what it’s for. I’ll wait and see.

isn’t that the cover charge for registration?.. or am i wrong?

Nope it’s a gneral entrance fee, wizard was the one who told me this in IRC, so it’s definently an entrance fee.

freals. the $20 cover fee is retarded IMO as well. but especially for a console tournament I think $20 is ridiculous. $10 would be understandable. but hey they dont do these tournaments for free.

omg this is sounding more and more of a hassle… i was kinda waiting for the soo. “you guys HAVE to be ripping us off now” speech… but i agree… this is some sh!t…


20 is alot and i think for since its console it should be 10 :smiley: but shit does get expensive and people seem to fail to realize that ;x

You have to realize that it is 4-day admission fee, and with a room full of free casual setups to play it is by far cheaper than spending all day in the arcade.

Now I’m not saying that everyone can afford to (or should) spend those extra 20$… all I’m saying is that it isn’t that expensive, an entrance to a theme part usually costs more.

iono…i dont really think that 20$ is a lot of money,but just to go and watch,iono bout that…btw,i was i didnt pay attention that its 20 to enter and watch=] my bad lol…i think the 20 dollers should just be paid by people entering and people recording,cuz most people wont buy the dvd,people that are just going to watch shouldnt have to pay cuz maybe there sombodys gf that dont care about video games and are there just for support

shinobi00-why would you wanna go to evo just to watch…that shit is boring as fuck…unless your just supporting someone

i agree…so what my bf has to pay 20 dollars also just to get in and watch me play? (or other ppl’s significant others?)… HE doesn’t even like fighting games… :bluu:

easy solution, i hope someone hears me out on this. just make a seperate spectator badge, preferrably free of charge. anyone caught playing in the free play area with the badge gets kicked out. and for people who want just the free play minus the tournament, make a badge for them and just chage them 10 bucks.

So now I gotta pay 20 bucks to attend then another to enter the GG tourney? getting a bit expensive. If theres an issue with free loaders abusing the area there should be another solution.

exceptions can be made