Don't get embarrased, evo isn't free to just watch anymore

The $20 admission fee is designed for people who enter a tournament or want to play in the BYOC room. If someone just wants to watch we can make an exception, but only paid admittants will be allowed in the BYOC room.

might as well ask u here.

in the byoc room do we provide the tvs/dcs?
also will there be enough power for everyone?

There will be around 20 27" TVs and plenty of power. BYOC stands for Bring Your Own Console. :smiley:

You have to pay $20 for the room cover charge, then a additional $10 for every tournament you enter. With the payment of the cover charge, you are allowed free access to the BOYC room.

thanks for the quick reply, also one more question. can any one just hook up there dc to it? or are you guys gonna balance it out for syestems/games.

First come first serve. The only restriction is that the TVs are for casual game playing. Unofficial tournament organizers need to bring their own TVs.

hey thanks for stealing my av :frowning:

edit:question…is there gonna be any security there so our stickes or other stuff wont get stolen…im takeing a 300$ set up and i dont want that shit messed with or even stolen

Ok just to clear my concern up…

If I pay the 20 + 10 to enter a tournament at Evo and my g/f comes with me, she would be an exception and allowed into Evo?

And even if she’s allowed into Evo to watch my tournament matches, she’s not allowed to go into the BYOC room? Or will exceptions be made for significant others for both Evo and the BYOC room?



ya making it sound like 20 dollars will make u bankrupt.

some people (like myself) are paying hundreds of dollars just to attend. and would be seriouosly pissed off, if someone is hagging the game, that didnt pay a dime to enter.

plus its like a 4 day avent. 5 dollars a day is not bad.

You need to be responsible for your own equipment. If it’s something valuable to you, I recommend you don’t let it out of your sight or simply don’t bring it.

I don’t think that’s the issue really, I think the concern is, if they’re not playing, why should they pay? That’s it, but hey don’t worry you’re not the only one that’s going to spend hundreds of $$ to go to Evo, I think everyone outside So Cal (I think don’t quote me on this) is, or close too spending as much.


cool…well its not like they can run away with it but i know there is gonna be hella people trying to steal shit or even break other peoples belongings…i have one more question,what hours will the byoc area gonna be open?

does my gf have to pay if she goes? say no.

The way it sounds… exceptions “could” be made to those entering the tournament area (aka watching EVO)… but you have to pay if you want to enter the BYOC room.

I think this is quite reasonable… once you enter the BYOC there will be no control on who is playing which games, you just join a group and play with them, the owners of the consoles will be the ones regulating who plays what games. On the other hand if you want to be in the tourney area you will only be watching and not playing (unless you register the tourney which implies paying registration+entry fees).

Of course, what I’m saying is just my humble opinion and it has absolutely no bearing on the real thing.

You have it exactly right.

wtf she goes away 10 seconds after you hit assist 2 anyway.

…sweet…that just cleared up everything for me too’…
…good shit’…

20 dollars for 4 days is pretty dang good. Compare that to conventions where 1 day is 25+ dollars, and a 3 day pass is 40ish. This isn’t bad at all. Figure 300 people come so thats like 6,000 to cover the renting the place for the Evo, cover the renting of a couple TVs and whatnot. Sounds good to me.

its not enough to cover the rent, thats what the dvd is for.

Well it helps does it not? I was only listing a couple things that the money could go towards.