Don't get Soul Calibur I on XBL

…The 2 main reasons for getting it are not there as they have been advertised for months, HDTV Widescreen and XBL Multiplayer - neither are there.

The HDTV Option is there but it doesn’t work and there isn’t even an option for Online Multiplayer…it’s just a fuckin’ emu of the DC version :lame:

I want my fuckin’ 800 points back.

I knew about it not having XBL play when they announced it. That alone made me pass up on it.

I got it anyway, I am a sucker for the first SC.


Am I the only one with a working Dreamcast?:confused:
No online play for the XBL seems like a waste.:tdown:
I’m not going to front I’ll still get it anyway.:woot:

I have 2 working dreamcasts.

+1. One of mine’s an import though, I think I got it since my swap disc cracked and I needed something to play CvS and Shenmue 2.

How the HELL are you supposed to pull of that stupid Ivy grapple in a fight? I managed it in practice and got snubbed on the achievement :mad:

Play the cpu on easy so they be the stupid.

what did you expect? they don’t wanna shoot SC4’s leg…

I would have figured the opisiste would have been true, if they could have gotten people playing this game online it seems it would have been a easy way to get them to buy SCIV. Makeing it online could have helped build hype

That helped. Plus I got fed up and started spamming it on the analog. :looney:

Are you even able to adjust the screen size. Bitch wouldn’t even let me go into the settings menu for the trial version

I bought it. I love SC on the DC. I have 2 working DC’s. Two working copies, original copies of SC1. Meh, easy achievements.

I’ll just stick to my dreamcast.

I wasn’t paying attention to anything related to this release…saw it pop up when I turned on my 360 and was like “oh shit! Purchase. Download.”

Fire it up…

“So…where’s the online play…”


Releasing a fighting game on xbla without even shitty online support? :rolleyes:

actually its been known for a long-ass time that those two things wouldnt be in

They should’ve just included this game in Soul Calibur IV. The same way they included Tekken 1, 2, and 3 in to Tekken 5’s Playstation 2 release. So why repackage this and sell it with no online, instead of just adding it maybe a collector’s edition of Soul Calibur IV?

:mad::mad::mad::mad::arazz::sad: arrrrrgggghhhhh !!!

Yea well it does have online play so some people were wrong

Are you sure Soul Calibur I on Xbox Live has online play? I didn’t see an option for it.

I bought the Soul Calibur 1 from the arcade, and it does not have xbox live vs. It’s still a fun game though, I enjoy trying for the achievements. Although its not worth 800 pts, maybe 400. Still looks pretty good for an older game : )