Don't hate! 3SOE is all we have!

I know it has it’s flaws (obviously a long, detailed, disgruntled list of them, as this forum is evidence to), but in the here and now, it’s all we have. And I gotta say, without 3SOE, I probably wouldn’t have discovered 3S at all. This game makes me passionate about learning fighting games, and even if it’s a shadow of its former self, it’s still amazing, like an old warrior telling you tales of epic battles across a mug of local ale at the local inn, with that low-crackling fire off and away, just warm around, mmm…

Err, I mean. Damn guys. I know you hate this game sometimes but can’t we tone down on the negativity? I like this game a lot but every time I come to check the 3S SRK forums its drowning in just a couple topics of angriness. Aaaaiieee~

It’s kind of horrible online, but not bad offline. I prefer it over the PS2 or emulation for offline play, as do the people I play with.

I’d love to pick up a legit 3S arcade cab some day. It’s just pretty expensive once you buy and get it shipped.

Don’t let us cranky old school players stop you from enjoying 3s in whatever form you play it. There just isn’t much new stuff to discuss in the 3s world so people like to pull out some horse carcasses to beat on. If people need something to talk shit on I’m always a good target lol

Pherai needs to get a haircut 8(

IDK, I have GGPO/MAME and PS2 too. Some people even have arcades. So no, 3soe is not all we have.

But yeah, OE is still 3rd Strike in some fashion. PS2 and Dreamcast versions were ass and I’ve been using those for at-home practice for years, even when there was an arcade nearby. All the ranting’s just…well, I dunno, I guess it’s similar to how the new Star Wars re-releases constantly get new special effects and other aesthetic changes, some not as important and some pretty big. At the heart of it all though, it’s still Star Wars.

So like Pherai said, don’t let the vets affect your own opinions on OE. I personally would rather everyone experience the arcade version, but obviously not everyone can. Like I said before in another thread, the community should take some responsibility for OE not lasting as long as it should have. Even Boss said that his opinions on the game shouldn’t detract others from playing OE, if that says anything.

Play what you gotta. That’s all we can really say.

i like ggpo over oe. at least on ggpo I have a reasonable expectation of how the match will play according to ping. OE green,yellow,red colors are worthless.90% of my matches are yellow and it’s hit or miss.incredible volatile that yellow. No sir, I don’t like it. I hate yellow now…and lemons.

As far as online console experience is concerned, 3SOE is the best. Even though the color codes dont seem consistant, when the connections are bad, you know it, but when they are good, they are the best I have played online.
Also, I went from playing 3S arcade cab to this. It was not a big adjustment by any stretch (of course Im no tourny player), so I am happy with it

maybe you missed the whole time leading up to OEs release.

people are annoyed because they basically lied to their customers.
it isn’t the only version of the game out there. its maybe the most easily accessible.
it has it’s good qualities but it was a huge let down because capcom made it out to be something it isn’t. so yes, people are annoyed and it will forever leave a bad taste.

welll…theres a 3S cab at a little arcade in my city, only downside is battops with circle gates and american buttons.

Imma see if i can get them to get some sanwa parts…hell I’ll pay for em if i have to.

I’d just take it battop or not, as long as they’re in working condition(then again I can adjust to either no problem). I just wish Japan Arcade would fix their damn sticks, otherwise I’d probably willingly go more often(and I’m not a fan of the side-to-side Astro City).

oh hell yeah, I play on it all the time…just wish it had nicer parts.

It’s not a bad port. Just weird. It’s still good to play it.

if you wanna donate Sanwa parts, make sure you get RG buttons. They’re more durable. Oh, and you might want to inform the arcade where they can get them for themselves so you don’t end up hemorrhaging money.

Thanks for this thread OP. It gave me the desire to go at it online. That is something I haven’t played in months, partially because of all the hate towards OE. I think all that matters is that I’m playing some form of 3S. And more importantly, that I am having fun with it.

EDIT: The players on Ranked are a lot more fun to play against compared to when 3SOE first came out, so that the online experience isn’t total shit like it was before.