Don't jump away from my Gee Jay

On occasions where I whiff my intended-to-land Zenpou, I eat a RH -> c.Forward -> Super. What’s the safest way to stop this shit from happening?


  • Whiffed Zenpou
  • They’re in the air
    …- RH in Air (Hits 'cause I’m usually trying to beat it with s.Strong)
    …- c.Forward -> Super
    …- Land Nothing (Guard)
    …- Land Throw
    …- Land Shoryu (Random)
    …- Super
    …- Land Super (Grapple Super)

Do I have anything that will beat out their RH? Is blocking and wasting my timer the only real safe method?

Stop being predictable

stop going for command grabs if they like to jump would be my advice

Against the people I play against, they can react fast enough to the overheads so going with UOH is pretty much out of the question =(

It’s not like my command grabs are useless, in fact I land them like 80-90% of the time. The problem is I don’t feel like losing a chance at free damage to a Hail Mary random jump that could ultimate turn the match around. And I don’t think I’m being very predictable either =\ But I guess I could start faking Zenpou by tossing random delays into my block locks? o.O; Would that work? 'Cause I guess I can sort of understand why people would want to jump in between some locks since there’s a larger opening in some sequences compared to others.

With that guess tactic aside, is there nothing I can do once the opponent is in the air and I’m still in my Zenpou recovery frames? =\

/wtb FRC

The point is to condition your opponent to stay on the floor by punishing everytime he moves.
Punish every situation you can take advantage from.
Your opponents react to UOH, time it and distance yourself enough so the UOH don’t hit and once you land you commad grab. Opponent jumps a lot, wlk up st forward, Im telling you, they will stop jumping once you punish them hard. Then your opponent is afraid of you in any instance.

Thanks for the tip coach. Will try it out.

on reaction i do st mk while they are in the air…they might still jump after but they might start to parry in the air so when you get them to think this as soon as they land youll be free to command grab or grab…w/e works for you…you just gotta mix it up man…ill help you if you want

Been a while since we last played online =) Yeah that would be sweet.

Of course I try to go for close s.Forward but it gets stuffed 'cause of start-up frames since I’m already in recovery from the missed Zempou.

i meant to do the st mk as soon as they jump (without ever inputing the command grab) if they jump and you know theyre coming in with a move you shouldnt be doing a command grab but as i said as they are coming at you just catch a early st mk and then if they start to parry then you can even go with low mk dash punch…from there you should be able to beat them with gj assuming you can do damage with it…but again no more command grabs if they jump in