Dont know who to main


learn dan.

Ryu like all the other guys in G1.

Let the character choose you.

Ryu, ken of course =-)



You’ll thank me later


The advice I gave my friend who just picked up the game:
Look for aesthetics. Who you think looks most viable in your eyes. Try their trials, if you like them, stick at them.

Or just try it for several characters, if you like how they play, go with them.

i happen to be straight :stuck_out_tongue:

cody looks extremely un-appealing

exactly why i said dudley ibuki makoto and juri. i just dont know which order to learn them

Not to be a wet blanket, but wouldn’t it make more sense to wait until you have actually played with these characters personally and not waste time worrying about such a minuscule decision like what character do you want to learn first? SRK is a very patient community, I have been a part of many forums where a circle jerk like this wouldn’t be tolerated at all.

Exactly. That’s why the best way is to main someone whom you think looks the coolest and / or most appealing to you.

Cody is awesome

Play everyone. At least til Super comes.

Main Sagat. He’s top tier, do you need another reason?

lets try to make this person not a shoto main… do Fuerte :slight_smile:

For an unbiased opinion. I’d say, try everyone on the roster and see what character you like the most. Learn to play a character that you have fun with. In my opinion, I think that the connection between the character and the player is very important. If you have no bond between character and player, then it’ll be hard to play that character, and that’s not fun at all.

For a biased opinion, you said that you play Sakura, and I’d would say to play her. Even though you’ll have an uphill battle playing with her, Sakura can be really good and tricky if you play her well with her resets and cross-ups.

Also, when Super comes out, try out every character again to get the feel of how each character changed.

Learning each character first-hand can come in handy. Learning the BnBs of each character, you can learn the tendencies of those types of characters, and you can learn the basics of the match-ups of each character. For example, if you learn the BnBs for Rufus, you know that after knockdown from Rufus, they like to keep the pressure on with his Dive Kick. If you know this, you know that you either try not to get knocked down by Rufus or learn to counter the Dive Kick with something like Sakura’s or Boxer (Balrog’s) c.HP.

Hope this helps

Why aren’t you there right now then? GTFO! (Was that what you were looking for? I’m trying my best. It’s ok, I’ll be patient. ^_^)

(No rly, gtfo.)


He’s kinda like a shoto but at the same time he really isn’t. No fruity SRK or horizontal tatsu. No fancy link combos or good wakeup options. He’s just a mean old man who hits like a freight train.

Or, screw around until you find a character that suits you. I’m the same, I could never pick a char just because he/she’s “good.” Give the old man a try, if you don’t like 'im, move on. If you do, welcome to the gang :smokin:

Just if you ever go Gouken don’t turn into someone online who does nothing but hadouken and then nothing but his parries when you get too close.

He’s pretty awesome, wish I could use him, he’s my other half’s second and I’m kinda jealous because I can’t use him for shit XD.

That and he’s drunk. Shoryuken sideways? Tatsumaki upwards? Hadouken diagonally? The guys a drunkard!

Nah, he’s just slightly senile. Turtle gouken’s are pretty easy to trick because that’s what Gouken’s all about and that’s why he’s so awesome to me. See thru your opponents pattern and exploit it :smiley:

yeah like the others have been saying just try everyone, i found going through arcade mode with all the charactors is a good start for finding a main, that way to unlock all the charactors and if you wanna get through it you’ll have to learn each charactor atleast somewhat.

and don’t be afraid to drop charactors, yeah give them some time to get the feel for them but if its not working out try someone else. heck when i was playing brawl i mained almost the entire cast before finding a main, luckly i found gouken early one in street fighter (but still need a second)

but one thing to remember, you should only main 1 charactor and have 1 second for your mains bad match ups. if you have 4 mains at once then your not giving any of them the attention they need for you to really learn the charactor and get good with them