Don't let Kaillera Die! Kaillera TopServers

As of Wed March 30 2005, and the server masterlist have been down for around 5 days. No one is sure if it will every be back, it’s very possible it may not…

The sad fact is that without a master list, very few new players will ever make it online. Over time public Kaillera play will dwindle to nothing.

Therefore, I’ve created a new public Kaillera server list on the web. It’s a made out of the free TopSites PHP module, but modified to list servers instead.

I’m hoping that if it gets enough attention and links from other sites, new players will be able to find servers and get online. If you’re a website owner, please consider putting a link to the list on your site for everyone to find. With no masterlist, and no new client software, this is the only way we’re going to keep Kaillera going!



Yeah, instead of letting it die, we should try to kill it instead.

Agreed 100%. It’s been shit and buggy for many months now and no one was able to tackle it head on and improve/rewrite its net code. Chris(the creator) moved on and abandoned the project years ago and people did not realize they were using an empty shell of a program with very little dev support.

I just wanna say thanks to Kurgan for being loyal to the website and for your efforts to get devs to start up a new Kaillera variant. Some have popped up but they are still plagued with the kinda bugs that make Kaillera net code crappy.

I really really hope someday someone with talent and motivation will attempt to write a proper net program for MAME or Kawax. The original authors(MAME) scoff at the idea, saying it’s not gonna happen. Gamers who love playing competetive old school games in MAME online deserve better.

Here’s to hoping something along the lines of ZBATTLE or Xbox Live pops up for Mame one of these days. The emu/mame/aracde community is too large to let this situation roll over and play dead.

Well, the list is working again. So that’s a good sign.

At the moment kaillera webisite seems to be up! :wink:

servers are working again…

Eh, that’s good ^^

LOL, true.

What good will it do to kill it ? Do you really think that just because Kaillera dies a better program will come up like magic ? It’s not that simple. BTW if somebody has any ideas about how we can get rid of the hackers that screw everything up on the european servers…

Um, just curious, but does ANYONE have a decent West Coast server? I’ve tried playing on Dark Addictz, but I just keep getting disconnected, a lot of times before the fucking match even starts!

So, yeah, Sprite Identity is down, and the one I found rarely has any people in them. Anybody?

No, but it’s better this way. about 1 1/2 - 2 years ago there were a few decent west coast servers unfortunatly they became subject to random ip attacks and crashings from people in countries that hate americans (damn koreans). besides most of the better players are on the east, and I doubt they would want to play under lag

There are plenty of good WC players that are forced to play in laggy conditions if they do play. I’ve given up and erased kaillera, but before I did that the only good games I had gotten for awhile were from a few west coast players. Ping isn’t the only measure of delay and lag, I’d rather play someone with 90 ping that gives me a smoother game and less delay than me have 30 ping but have like a 2 second delay.

There are only a few EC players worth a damn anyway. I don’t want to mention them by name or leave anyone out, so I won’t mention any names at all.

Kaillera had a pretty good community several years ago, especially for KOF, but it’s been dead for over 3 years and counting now. If someone like me, whos been there from almost the beginning when it was actually good can give up on kaillera, the rest of you should be able to do so as well. Kaillera several years ago was some of the most fun gaming I’ve ever done. Even towards the end, just playing marathon KOF sessions with kono was still fun, although not near the level of fun of the old 6ps which had LESS lag than the 1v1s you can have on kaillera now, but now its just unplayable and it has been muddied to the point that its embarassing. When a dog gets this old you just shoot it to end its misery. This is just pathetic.

Agreed with everything, especially the first and last paragraph.

I remember the days a few years ago. KOF 98 is what was played the most among the SNK fans. The 6P games were a lot of fun and I don’t remember much frustrating delay. The only regret I have is that I just starting learning KOF seriously in those days. Wish I had the ability and knowledge of the game I have now back then. But this is only a minor regret for I have fond memories of the past Kailerra days.

1v1v1 marathons were just great as well. Now, I only use Kailerra to play certain people who I have minimal delay with, otherwise never play random people anymore. Getting 1+ second delay no matter the ping is just gay. I will quit Kailerra for good soon when KOF for Xbox is released.

I’ve held my tongue on all these posts since I first started this thread, but I’m impelled to mention that you are all missing the point.

You’re living in a vacuum when it comes to Kaillera and only thinking about a small subset of games that people play using this technology. Course what did I expect coming from a website on fighting games… :rolleyes:

Regardless, think about it. I know of 15 different emulators spanning something like 6 different game systems that have been networked using Kaillera. There’s a huge group of people in Europe that play some soccer game on a Playstation emulator using Kaillera. There’s also a big fighting game following in Japan, China, and Brazil.

That’s just what you see listed on public servers. I personally like to play Tecmo SuperBowl and Super Dodgeball on JNes via Kaillera, public server or not.

The technology may not be as good as it could be, but it’s widely used. When people say stuff like kill it and let it die, it annoys me and seems really short sighted.

Winning Eleven > Life

east coast runs kaillera, and xmage server should be fine for you wc’ers

I just want to go on record and state that T-Kimura absolutely fucking kick ass at Super Puzzle Fighter II!!! :tup:

Oh really? Kimura, play me. Comp would be nice for a change.

Puzzler > all @ SPF2