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Heh. I changed my nick to Bleah. And I’m only #2… the real best player is spf2yes, but he doesn’t come on often.

That must have been my problem. I always joined anything with the lowest ping and found a lot of games unplayable. What else determans the delay? Distance?

How stable a connection is. Just because you ping low doesn’t mean it’s staying low. I tend to ping at 50-100 but jump to 300-800 (by then the game will slow to a crawl and disconnect). Congestion/line quality/ISP’s hardware all affect this.
Server quality also affects this, if there’s more users than the line or server hardware can handle, things won’t be fun.

I seem to agree with Jedah, Back when I had 56k cnnection, I used to play alot with a ping of 130 to 150 and it seems the same buttons delay as with broadband connection which I now have as 60 to 80. I used to have Earthlink before and that is a fast 56k service. But cable seems to have more users sharing connections which slows down our button delays. Some people have it worse while others have it good.

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None of those things you mention have an affect on the lag. It’s that shitty version of mame you’re using! HK2aillera has ALMOST ZERO LAG! And I played niggas all the way from Hawaii, while I’m in Los Angeles!

Ditch 0.64 and grab HK2aillera

Do you even know what you are talking about?


No, you do not

That spam wasnt need man. Their used to be good servers for us WCers. IE dragons server and Wtf happened to them.