Don't let ST/HDR die. Possible HDR tourney in San Diego, CA



The Box Arena has tourney’s every once in a while for SSF4. They have had HDR tourney’s but say that nobody would show up.

I am not a big fan of SSF4 but it seems like everyone is playing that now. I usually only play it if a friend or co-worker wants to play. But lately with less and less people playing HDR, I have been playing more.

If you are in or around San Diego and still play HDR, contact The Box Arena and tell them you are down for a HDR tourney.

I know there are a bunch of big names around LA and are willing to drive down but what about SD? There is no set date yet. They want to know if there is still interest in HDR. So stop reading this and contact The Box Arena already. Post up here too. Tell them I sent you. Let’s do this :woot:


I already posted in the Box Arena thread:

You may want to move this thread to the General Strategy HDR section. More guys would probably see it over there. Hopefully this will be the beginning of more HDR sessions to come. Long live SF2