Don't like final fantasy 13 or finished with it? how about resonance of fate?

in my opinion ff13 is a serious disappointment not just as a final fantasy game, but a rpg as well. it’s missing almost everything from the rpg template. it feels more like streets of rage/final fight with phantasy star online bosses.

it’s the first game in the main series i couldn’t bring myself to purchasing. i need to feel like im a part of the game’s world and not just going through the motions. the characters lack depth, there’s no motivation to save it’s world, no diversity in the gameplay, no puzzles, mini games, secret weapons/items/areas/bosses/eidolons ect. it’s just extremely streamlined to try to lure in as many non-rpg gamers as possible. it was designed and cut(the extra content) just for them and to fit on 3dvds.

if you like the game, that’s perfectly fine. we all have our own taste. if you’re in the same boat with me though; don’t let it get to you. why? if you don’t already know about it, check these links out:


Wow, I didn’t know FF13 was that bad. I was actually thinking about eventually getting it. However, I was more intrigued by this game because it seems more unique, and not just ANOTHER jrpg.

Plus, the main girls a cutie, and I like pew pew :smiley:

I was epecting a reason as to why RoF is awesome but instead I’m given a couple of paragraphs on how FFXIII has disappointed you and a couple of videos. Not a good way to present a case as to why

Not to mention you bring up issues like lacking the RPG template, FFXIII’s characters lacking depth (ironically, Tri-Ace (I think they did RoF) have not exactlyl been even decent in this department) and all that…

Sounds like bringing up a fight. Without a tiny little disclaimer just before the vids saying OPINIONLOL.

But I shall click on the videos. Eventually. ANd hopefully see whatever it is that’s supposed to convince me. Or something. I dunno.

Lane. Don’t just put off FFXIII because it isn’t traditional. Square Enix is the one that made traditional RPGs traditional, anyways; if anyone should re-invent the wheel, then it should be them. Many of us think the game is fantastic. There is plenty reason to save the world…that’s what the whole damn game is about. One of the better stories in a FF IMO (and I’ve played them all). The game is VERY streamlined though. Not much extra other than 64 Mark Missions and Chocobo Digging.

I am satisfied with FFXIII but i still want to try RoF

This thread should be more about ROF itself, and not bashing FF13. Anyway, somebody link to the scene with the vicious slap.

Did anyone actually find ROF? I’m having difficulties finding it.

haters want to hate?

give 13 a chance for yourself yo, great game.

Aside from story/dialogue issues, I think FF13 is a really good game. It’s maybe only 70% of what it COULD have been, given it’s production value, but it’s still really solid.

I agree with King9999. If you’re trying to advocate RoF, why start off by advocating against FF13?

FF13 looks like FF8 with better graphics, similarly retarded characters and looks very linear and cut-scene oriented

Yah, I’ll still try it out. I’m just short on funds cuz im saving.

I was hoping for current gameplay vids; I’ve already seen the trailer many times now.

A thread similar in content to the FFXIII thread would be better at convincing players to give this game a shot.

I still don’t understand the game from that Jpn Demo :rofl:

Why do Jrpgs have to have irritating and lame characters nowadays? What happened to the old style characters from Chrono Trigger and FF3-7.

How come from FF8 onward (excluding 9) Square felt like the only relevant characters are ones with fabulous hair?


Trying to find the slap vid.

Wow. I can see your vagina from here, Grand.

Somebody else start a REAL Resonance of Fate thread that is about the game rather than why FF XIII sucks, please.