Don't like it? Blame it on Issac





Stupid people answer things with stupidity.

Same as it always has been, and same as it always will be.


but god was apparently totally ok with segregation, slavery, native american slaughter, and fucking around in the filipines and south america. didn’t see any hurricanes blamed on that shit.


:zzz: Crackpots like this come out for every natural disaster.


I guess you’re all right, but damn. Hurricanes will make you gay? I lived through many natural disasters and believe me, Gay sex is not what I wanted. A beer? A case of beers? Some money? yeah. Fucking some guy in the ass? No. Not even once. Some gay dudes need to go to his house and find out what’s all up his ass…and asist it like Strider.



While I don’t disagree, during the times where those were rampant, communication wasn’t at the level where it is now. Someone today can type something that’s instantly seen by hundreds of thousands of people on the internet, whereas the most they could hope to reach via word of mouth during those days was a few hundred at most.

Anyway, I’m pretty confident someone said something along those lines about those things, we just never heard about it.


I accidentally burned food in the microwave.

Damn you, gays.


Jesus people make it hard for me to be a coexisting christian. Leave it to the Radicals to paint us in a negative picture.


Minor edit, otherwise it seems like you’re calling them “Jesus people” as a group term lol. Which I’m fine with because I got a healthy laugh out of it.


You’re supposed to blame Issac. Damn you issac!! You made him blame the wrong person!! See?



Blame it on the Le-le-leh-le-le-lesbiaaaaans T-Pain voice


I came in here expecting Dead Space related news. I am disappoint.

Stupid gays and their hurricane summoning rituals.


Damn you, Isaac.



I thought Issac was just code for Flutterrage and we’re all doomed.

And the sun doesn’t shine in the ghetto. :lol:


It couldn’t possibly be that this is hurricane season and we tend to get hit with hardcore weather this time of year, every year.

No, can’t possible be that.


I can almost promise you there is at least one gay dude on this planet named Issac. So the blame is properly placed.



Many of you will say that its total bullshit. Here is some perspective, that’s how Christianity started. Why in the hell does anybody even pay attention to people who blindly follow a cult?


Nope. That’s just crazy talk. Now, some homosexual gathering? That sounds like just the kinda thing that would start up a severe weather pattern. Of course, the same thing could happen if I end up getting married to a hottie who really DOES love me.

…Yep. Crazy talk.

EDIT: @ Purplebunny: You’re right…



What a terrible and ignorant thing to say, barely even 10 percent of gays participate in hurricane worship orgies.


I do have to say, that the scene at 4:50 of that video had me in stitches I’m such a terrible person but I’m treating that video lightly.